Writer’s Tutorial – Introduction 

The goal of Constant Content is to bring together writers and publishers. We are positioned to act as agents for writers and provide quality services for publishers looking for content, maintaining one of the web’s most complete catalogs of articles, tutorials and reviews.

We strive to provide a place that publishers come to look for content.  The best way for you to take advantage of this is to ensure that you know how to maximize your presence on the site. Articles can be sold through the catalog and unique articles can be purchased as a result of requests from buyers. The point of the following document is to outline the procedures and guidelines to help you use our system in the most efficient manner possible. We will make sure you know how to answer requests, submit documents, comply with our editorial guidelines and as a result, sell the most amount of content possible.

Want help getting started with your account? Check out the Constant Content Quick Start Guide for Writers

We’re good for writers because we match your skills to the exact needs of our customers, and provide them with the highest quality online content.

Customers can purchase content from us in two ways:

Our content catalog has a comprehensive range of articles, tutorials and reviews on many diverse subjects.

As a writer, you can take advantage of both approaches to maximize your visibility on Constant Content.

This tutorial will help you with:

  • Complying with Constant Content’s guidelines
  • Following Constant Content’s procedures
  • Answering customer requests
  • Submitting your documents
  • Maximizing your sales through Constant Content


This tutorial has been split up into several distinct areas; you can find links to each one below. We recommend that you read each section to get the best understanding of how our platform works and how you can benefit from it.

  1. Creating your writer’s account and registration
  2. Writing a great biography and introduction
  3. Using the writer’s menu
  4. The two ways you can write for Constant Content
  5. Understanding requests and the request system
  6. How to claim and submit articles for custom content requests
  7. Using writer tools (gear icon)
  8. Using “My account” (your login name)
  9. Understanding “My projects”
  10. The license system
  11. The revision system

What should you write about?

Constant Content writers create articles about many different topics. Because our customers can shop our open catalog for interesting articles, you can write about most subjects and have a chance of your article selling.

We succeed together

We want our writers to succeed by making sales and getting your talent noticed. Our success is based on your skills, commitment, ideas and ability. Thank you for choosing us to share your work with the world.

If you have any questions about Constant Content, or issues with any part of the site, you have a few options:

  1. Review this knowledge base for any questions (it’s fully searchable)
  2. Post your question on the forums
  3. Contact the support team at: support@constant-content.com

Here’s to your success.

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