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Unique Content – It's Never Been More Important

Original content has always been important to website owners and bloggers seeking organic search engine rankings. With Google's recent algorithm change, which heavily favors quality and originality, SEO content mills and article directory sites have been severely penalized. According to, in the days following this algorithm change, article directory behemoth, lost 90 percent of its Google traffic. Many other well-known sites suffered similar fates.

Even if you don't operate a content mill or an article directory, this algorithm shift affects your website if you regularly post: articles from article directories, private label rights articles, content from RSS feeds, and other unoriginal content.

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How PLR Articles and Unoriginal Content Hurt Websites

When you post unoriginal content to your website, you're one of many – perhaps thousands – of publishers doing the same. If 1,000 web pages contain identical material, how many have a chance of landing on the first page of Google for a given search term? At the most ten. However, Google rarely displays multiple identical pages – and this was true long before the algorithm change. With hundreds of thousands of Web pages competing for similar keyword phrases, duplicate content doesn't stand a chance. Even worse, where individual duplicate pages may have been hurt before, the entire domain could be devalued by Google if the site shows signs of being a content mill or article directory.

The Importance of Quality Web Content

Unique articles and original content are a must if you want to avoid Google's wrath. Quality website content extends beyond rewriting or "spinning" PLR articles for uniqueness. In order to shine, online content should be useful, well written, and relevant to readers. Professional sounding Web content and articles impress readers while original content impresses Google. Writing content for readers first, search engines second is a SEO content strategy that works over the long run. Websites that embrace this strategy have nothing to fear from Google's periodic algorithm changes.

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The Constant-Content Solution

Constant-Content's extensive article catalog is loaded with content for websites and publishers that want to stand out. Thousands of unique articles have undergone Constant-Content's strict editorial process. Constant-Content's editorial review team checks all article content submitted for originality using iThenticate, a powerful plagiarism detection tool. Once originality has been established, the editors consider grammar, conciseness, voice, relevance, overall article quality, and more. Only articles that meet Constant-Content's quality standards are accepted.

Once the article content has been approved by the editorial team, the article is available for immediate sale.

Find Original Content on

With tens of thousands of unique articles available, finding website content for your site is a simple matter of browsing categories or conducting a search. You can even subscribe to certain categories, ensuring that you're alerted to the freshest content for your niche.

Picking the Right License When You Buy Website Content

Constant-Content offers three licenses: usage, unique, and full rights.

Putting Original Content to Work for You

Now that you have access to a vast catalog of original content, how will you use it? Unique articles from Constant-Content are ideal for:

Buy website content from and put your Google algorithm worries to rest by giving Google what it wants: original content.

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