Full Rights Licenses – A Step Above Private Label Rights Articles

While private label rights articles used to be the economical way to go when purchasing content for your website, buying them today for posting isn’t going to get you much more than a cheap article that delivers little by way of promoting your website. Times have changed drastically, and fresh content is the best new kid on the block. While all content can be used as space fillers, only original content can take your website out of the shadows to the forefront of SERPs.

With PLR articles, you receive exactly what you pay for – a low-end article that offers information that any number of other people may have also purchased. In general, private label rights articles have a lower price tag than full rights articles, primarily because they are sold to multiple buyers. While some authors limit the number of times they will sell each of their private label rights articles, other authors do not limit that number at all. PLR articles with 50 licenses sold may offer a bit more exclusivity than those that are sold hundreds of times, but they simply cannot offer the same high level of exclusivity that a full rights article sold only a single time can offer. SEO can only get you so far these days, and duplicated SEO content doesn’t get you very far at all.

The Value of a Full Rights License

If you’ve been keeping up with recent news relating to search engine results, then you know that unique, original content is king and private label rights articles are has beens.

When you purchase content with a full rights license, you receive original, unique content that offers exclusivity since it has never been published before. It presents SEO content that your website visitors will not see on other websites. Since it is fresh and unique, search engines like its uniqueness, and your rankings improve provided you continue to post fresh content.

Google Recommends Fresh, Unique Content for Enhanced Search Engine Ranking

Google has repeatedly made reference to the fact that it highly recommends website owners to publish fresh, original content that hasn’t seen the light of day in cyberspace ever before you actually post it. Why is this so? Take a look at how Google’s algorithm updates tweak the indexing of websites.

Duplicate content gets you slapped down further in the SERPs, making it nearly impossible to rise to the coveted top four spots unless you continually post original content. In fact, the emphasis is on relevance and freshness, so duplicate content such as that found in private label rights articles is passé.

If you want to take a chance and buy PLR articles just to save a few dollars, think about how much it is going to cost you in the long run. If you put it all into perspective, you’ll see how much sense it makes to purchase full rights licenses over PLR articles. Let’s say that you walk into a delicatessen to purchase a hoagie. As you walk into the shop, you see a special on day-old subs that gives you 75% off the original price. You’re sorely tempted because instead of spending $9.99 on a fresh sandwich, you can get one for only $2.50, leaving you with an extra $7.50 in your pocket. Unfortunately, you end up in the emergency room that night ($250 copay) because the sandwich hadn’t been refrigerated overnight and about a dozen people picked it up, looked at it, sniffed it, and then put it back to buy a freshly made hoagie instead. Now who has more money in their pocket? It’s like that with web content too!

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