Tips for Requesting White Papers from Constant Content

Using Constant Content to buy white papers gets you inside a big pool of talent, but you must submit a request with enough detail so the copywriters know what you really want. To get the most out of the Constant Content white paper writing service, keep these tips in mind when sending public or private requests to white paper copywriters.


  • Plan and Outline: Approach your white paper request with a plan. Usually white papers are making an argument (like why your product or service is the best) or explaining some aspect of your business. Make an outline of the various sections and topics to be included in your white paper so the content writer has someplace to start.
  • Title: Create a descriptive title that gets the attention of experienced white paper writers. “White Paper for Steam Cleaner Rental Firm” is an example of a title that is descriptive but to the point.
  • Word Count: White papers usually cover a topic at length. Consider 1500 words to be the on the starting end of your projected word count. If you have many points to cover, the white paper may need to be longer. Give writers your estimated word count range so they can aim within that range.
  • License Type: Consider what type of license you’ll need for the white paper. Content at Constant Content is sold under usage rights, unique rights, or full rights. (Read about the different license types by clicking here  Most customers find that a full-rights license suits their needs best because this type of license offers maximum flexibility in relation to how the content can be used.
  • Pricing: Choosing the right price will attract experienced white paper writers who can customize your content confidently. White papers require a commitment to creating strong copy over a large number of words, and the writer will likely invest a significant amount of time in research and editing. Offer top prices to compensate white paper writers for their effort.
  • White Paper Use: Let the content writers know whether this white paper will be offered as a free bonus on your website, sent to investors, sold as an ebook, or something else. The eventual purpose of the white paper affects how it’s structured and written.
  • Audience: Let the content writers know a little about your audience analysis. Who will be reading the white paper? What do you want them to do? Include demographic information if available.
  • Expiration Date: Set a realistic time frame for completion. High-quality writing services such as Constant Content work with only the best writers, who handcraft your project from start to finish. You may need to exchange messages with the white paper writer to clarify instructions, or you might want to get a second draft to fine-tune the writing.
  • Resources: Have resources in mind that the writer can use if he or she needs more information to accurately convey your message. You can share these if the writer requests them.


Use the following checklist to create requests that will enable Constant Content white paper writers to produce the best content:


_____Descriptive title that indicates the subject matter and type of content (white paper)

_____Structure and purpose of white paper

_____White paper outline and other important details

_____Price offer

_____Word count range

_____Type of license desired

_____Expiration Date



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