Tips for Requesting Email Newsletter Articles from Constant Content

Email newsletters are one of the most valuable tools you can use to communicate with your audience. Writers at Constant Content are skilled in writing informative or promotional content for your newsletters. Before writers can begin creating content, you first need to communicate to them what type of newsletter articles you’re looking for. Use the following tips when developing a request for Constant Content writers, and be rewarded with articles that sell your products, convey your message, and keep open rates high.


  • Plan Ahead: Outline your next six email newsletters for yourself. Submit your request for each newsletter well in advance of your deadline. Submitting early ensures writers have time to write enough articles for you to choose from.
  • Title: Create a descriptive title that will clearly state your subject matter and the type of content you are looking for (newsletter content). Doing so will help your request to stand out from other requests open at the same time.
  • Email Newsletter Purpose: Tell content writers exactly what you’ll be doing with your email newsletter— promoting a website, promoting your small business, marketing specific products, sending affiliate or JV offers, supplying information to current customers, or something else. This information helps writers customize your newsletter content.
  • Type of Email Newsletter: Tell content writers what type of email the content is intended for: scheduled, autoresponder, blast, product launch, or something else. The more information you give to writers, the better fit their articles will be.
  • Information About Your Website/Marketing Strategy: Include information about your website and marketing strategy. Even if you submit multiple requests over many months, new content writers are always joining Constant Content. These writers may not be familiar with your requirements. You can easily copy and paste this information into each request you submit.
  • Expiration Date: The expiration date for submitting content to your request is up to you, but you should set your request to expire several days before your deadline. If you set a longer expiration date, you may see new articles in your inbox throughout the request’s open period. Note that new requests often get a surge of responses within the first few days, which means you might have the article you’re looking for much earlier than your initial expiration date. In the event this happens, you can close the request at any time and start a new one for your next project.
  • Number of Articles: How many articles do you need? You may want to estimate on the high end of the scale. With hundreds of writers eying your request at one time, you’re bound to get articles that approach your topic in a variety of ways, and you may find yourself spoiled for choice as newsletter articles enter your inbox. If you find yourself with extra content that you just can’t pass up, remember that you can always place it on your website if it doesn’t fit in your email newsletter.
  • License Type: Decide if you’ll pay for usage rights, unique rights, or full rights for the articles. (Read about the different license types by clicking here) Most customers opt for full-rights licensing to give themselves the most control over the content they purchase. Full rights allows you to modify or repurpose the content, remove the writer’s byline, and insert information. Include in your request what type of license you’re looking for so that newsletter content writers can set their articles to sell under those licenses.
  • Word Count: Only you know your audience and how information hungry they are. Think about your email newsletter subscribers and your newsletter’s purpose. Do you want to provide brief, easily digestible hints and tips for busy subscribers or longer pieces that information hounds can really sink their teeth into? The average article is about 500 words, but 300 words may be enough to get your point across. Longer articles are appropriate for topics that warrant more coverage. Writers need to now your length expectations when they develop newsletter content.
  • Pricing: Pricing depends upon licensing type, complexity of the topic, and length of article, among other factors. Constant Content is home to some of the best content writers found anywhere, and all eyes will be on a request that offers the right price for the work required. Strong prices will attract great writers who are experienced in creating content for newsletters and businesses.


The following checklist will help you to remember what to include in a private or public request to the Constant Content writing service community:


_____Descriptive title with newsletter subject matter clearly indicated

_____Description of subject matter/type of articles required

_____Type and purpose of email newsletter

_____Price offer

_____Word count range

_____Type of license desired

_____Number of articles you need

_____Expiration date well before your deadline

_____Information about your business and marketing strategy

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