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The License System

Constant Content allows you to sell your articles under the  “Full rights” license. There used to be two other license types, “Unique” and “Usage” but they have since been deprecated. You will see “Unique” or “Usage” rights offered on older articles, but the option to choose a those licenses has been removed for new submissions.


Full Rights

This type of license gives the customer full and exclusive rights to do whatever they want with your article after they have purchased it. A full rights license can only be sold once for each article and purchasing a full rights license removes the article from our catalog.


Unique Rights

Writers cannot offer unique rights on newly submitted content as this license type has now been deprecated. Customers can still purchase older content with a unique rights license. Unique rights give the customer exclusive use of the content. Articles and content offered with a unique license have not been published anywhere before, and a unique rights article can only be sold once. The customer is restricted in how they can use the content because the writer retains certain rights. The customer must keep the article’s content in its original form without adding or deleting words. They must give credit to the writer by including the writer’s byline (if provided).  They may use the unique article multiple times on their own websites or publications, but must not sell or give the content away. They may not post the content to websites they do not own.


Usage Rights

This type of license gives a customer limited rights. An article can be purchased multiple times by multiple different customers with a usage license. Purchasing a usage license does not remove the article from our catalog, meaning that it is still available for purchase. A client that purchases a usage license must keep your byline (if any) on the article and cannot modify, add to, or remove text from the content.


What Can a Customer Do With Each License Type?

The matrix below explains the rights offered under our usage, unique, and full rights licenses. If you have any questions about our licenses that are not clearly answered, please contact support.

Usage Unique Full Rights
Add to website, magazine, newsletter (unchanged)
Add links to content
Add to multiple websites, magazines, newsletters (you own)
Article is removed from Constant Content once purchased
Add to multiple websites, magazines, newsletters
(you don’t own)
Change content (adding words or removing words)
Remove writers name or byline
Take credit for writing content
Resell content


If you have any questions about the licensing system, please contact us.

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