Your Account Dashboard

We make it as easy as possible for you to find, request, track, and buy content. An important part of this is your account dashboard; this article will help you with:

Your Account Dashboard

When you login to your account, the first thing you’ll see is your account dashboard. It’s made up of several key areas:

  1. Requests under review – Custom content that you’ve requested that’s currently being reviewed by our editors
  2. Saved and unpaid orders – The total dollar value of saved and unpaid orders that you’ve made for content
  3. Content credits – The credit you have with Constant Content; you can use this credit to buy content and refill it here
  4. Open requests – Requests that you’ve made that are open and available to writers
  5. Sent offers under review – If you’ve made an offer on an article (where you suggest a price), you can find out how many are still being considered by the writer
  6. Content for download – Content that you’ve purchased that still needs to be downloaded by you; you’ll also find a searchable archive of the content you’ve already downloaded here
  7. Inbox – The number of unread messages in your inbox, normally sent to you by Constant Content and the writers that use our platform
  8. Account balance: Items in cart – The value of the content in your shopping cart

Watching for New Articles

We can automatically notify you every time a new article is added by your favorite writers or to your favorite categories or search results.

  • Categories – Go to “Edit account” under your login name on the navigation bar. At the bottom of the page you’ll see “Subscription settings” where you can choose what categories you want to be notified for
  • Writers and search results – If you go to a writer’s page, a search results page, or a category page, you’ll see an option to subscribe to the RSS feed. Just click on that and you can subscribe in your favorite RSS reader; you’ll automatically see any new articles that are added

Email Settings

This section lets you choose how often Constant Content sends you email updates. You can choose several update frequencies, between “Instant” and “Never.”   All notifications generated within the same interval we be sent out in one email to you.  We can update you when your custom requests are approved, claimed, or expiring, when articles are approved for your custom requests, and for various other events like projects, document revisions, and articles for sale in categories you watch. You can also subscribe to the Constant Content newsletter here.

Subscription Settings

You can choose to be notified whenever articles get added to your favorite categories in our public catalog.

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