Tips for Requesting Magazine Articles from Constant Content

Did you know that Constant Content is more than an internet-content writing service? It’s true – our authors are also well-versed in creating content for print publications such as magazines. Commissioning magazine content from Constant Content begins with a request that clearly identifies what you’re looking for in a magazine article, from the length of the article to its tone and intended audience. The following tips will help you develop a request that will help writers create content that your magazine readers will love.

  • Title: Indicate in the request’s title that the work is for a magazine and what subject matter you need authors to write about. “Beauty Articles for New Moms Magazine” is an example of a title that calls to writers who have experience writing about a particular topic. You want your request to attract these writers!
  • Subject: Be sure to describe your subject matter and what direction you want writers to take with the topic. As an example, you may want writers to create an article about types of roofing materials for readers who have no prior knowledge on this topic.
  • Voice/Style: Describe what kind of voice and style you want writers to shoot for. Only you know your magazine’s audience and what its members expect. Do you want writers to adopt a conversational style for a gardening magazine, or do you want no-frills discussions about marketing topics?
  • License Type: Indicate whether you want usage rights, unique rights, or full rights to the articles. (Read about the different license types) Including what type of license you want to purchase in the request enables writers to submit their articles under this license. Most customers opt for full-rights licensing, which gives them exclusive rights to the content and the ability to modify or add to it.
  • Word Count: Unlike online publications, magazines have limited space. Include the word-count range you want writers to stay within when they create content for your magazine.
  • Pricing: The right price attracts writers who will conscientiously craft content that will boost the reputation of your magazine. After writers research, write, and proofread their copy, it then gets processed through plagiarism-checking software before being hand-reviewed by human editors for errors. A variety of factors go into pricing your request, including license type and length of article.
  • Sidebars and Other Extras: Most magazines contain sidebars or other extras. These require small bits of content for captions and interesting facts. In your magazine article request, mention whether the writer should create these extras as he or she is writing the article.
  • Expiration Date: Magazines typically have an editorial calendar; each issue covers one overall theme or concept. Set the expiration date for the request well in advance of your own deadline. You may want to request several articles at a time so you have plenty to choose from. Extra content that is too good to pass up can be used on your website, in your newsletter, or for another purpose.

Use the following checklist to help you create a private or public request for your magazine using the Constant Content article writing service.

_____Descriptive title with type of content (magazine articles) and subject matter

_____Description of subject matter and direction or approach

_____Voice and style of articles requested

_____Price Offer

_____Word count range

_____License type

_____Number of articles you estimate you need

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