Tips for Requesting Blog Posts from Constant Content

Did you know that Constant Content is a great place to purchase original, engaging blog content? Many of our writers are bloggers themselves, and they know how to create informative, snappy copy that will satisfy your readers’ desire for regular posts. It’s easy to create a request for blog content that offers writers all the information they need to start cranking out posts that will help your blog’s popularity explode. Follow these tips to start seeing blog content appear in your Constant Content inbox.


  • Title: Create a title that includes your subject matter and the type of content you are looking for (blog posts). Your title should set itself apart from other currently open requests. “Long Posts About Dog Breeds for Pet Blog” is an example of a good title.
  • Subject Matter: Tell content writers clearly in your request what your blog is all about, and mention your overall goals for the posts they’ll be writing. This helps great article writers to produce content that will continue to see traffic in the long term.
  • Series of Articles: When you maintain a blog, you know you must keep a steady stream of information posting to it regularly. This practice creates dedicated readers and more opportunity for search engines to find your blog. Consider requesting a series of articles on several interrelated topics. That way, you can interlink the blog posts and increase your traffic.
  • Type of Blog Content: People read blogs for a variety of reasons, but most people on the internet are searching for information. When you offer information, you provide a valuable service, and internet users will reward your hard work with return visits. To mix things up, you may consider requesting humorous or off-the-wall blog topics occasionally, but stay clear of opinion and politics.
  • Renew Your Request: After an initial burst of responses to your request, you may see the flow of articles slow to a trickle. If you’re still looking for great blog content, submit another request that shows blog writers you’re still looking for content on specific topics. Frequently posting fresh entries keeps a blog alive and highly ranked in the search engines, and quality content can generate return visitors, too, when people subscribe to your RSS feed.
  • Voice, Style, and Audience: Our blog content writers can tailor the tone of their articles to suit the style of your blog and its audience. In your article request, offer information about how you want the blog articles to sound. Do you want light-hearted content suitable for a blog targeting new moms, or do you want to appeal to professionals with sophisticated discussions about finance?
  • Length of Blog Posts: Many people think blog posts are short blurbs of information – and many successful blogs use short pieces to their advantage. However, the truth is that blog posts can be as long as other forms of internet content. The length of articles you request from Constant Content writers depends upon your blog’s needs, its audience, and your subject matter. We suggest that content for blogs and websites be a minimum of 300 words in order to be attractive to search engines and users, but your subject matter – and your audience – may require blog posts of 500 or even 700 words. It’s up to you! Tell our blog writers what you need and they’ll produce content within your word count range.
  • License Type: Decide if you’ll pay for usage rights, unique rights, or full rights for the blog content. (Read about the different license types by clicking here  Most customers choose the full rights licensing type for the most flexibility. This license gives you exclusive rights to the content and allows you to modify the content you purchase in any way you choose. Include which license you want to purchase in your request so that writers can set the license for their articles accordingly.
  • Pricing: Choose your price range offer carefully. Considering the license you want, the length of the article, the complexity of the topic, and other factors that figure into creating pieces that fit your needs exactly. Great blog content writers produce posts that keep generating clicks and high search engine rank for years, and the right price will encourage writers to dedicate their time and efforts on developing content just for you. Remember: your investment now pays for itself over and over.


Use the following checklist when you issue a public or private request for blog content to Constant Content’s writing service community.


_____Descriptive title that includes the type of content and subject matter

_____Description of subject matter, keywords, and other info writers must include

_____Style and purpose of blog

_____Price Offered

_____Word count range

_____Type of license desired

_____Number of blog posts you estimate you need

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