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Requesting revisions to custom content

When you order custom content, you can request two revisions to it, free of charge. Requesting revisions is a fast and easy process:

  1. Go to “My requests”
  2. Click “View articles” 
  3. Next to the article you want to revise, click “Request revision”; you can also request revisions for articles from your “Download my content” page
  4. Complete the “Request revision” form
  5. Submit the revision form; we’ll notify the writer
  6. You will be notified when the writer has accepted your request
  7. Once the revision is complete, you’ll be able to review it
  8. You can accept the revision, reject it or request a further revision
  9. You can then purchase or download your content



Completing the revision request form

Completing the revision request form will send a message to the writer of the content with the necessary details to let them revise your custom article.

The “Revision state” tells you where you are in the revision process:

  • Initiated means that you’ve begun completing the form but haven’t submitted it yet
  • Submitted to writer means that we’ve sent your revision request to the writer, but they haven’t accepted or rejected it yet
  • Price accepted means that the writer has accepted your proposal
  • Revision work started means that the writer has begun work on your revision
  • Revision work completed means that the writer has updated your content and sent it back to you
  • Revision approved means that you’ve accepted the revisions.
  • Writer request rejected means that the writer has refused to do the revisions. Please contact the writer to find out why, or contact your account manager for assistance

The “Revision count” tells you how many rounds of revisions you have been through so far.  You’re entitled to two free rounds of revisions with every custom request. After this, you will need to agree on a price with your writer for future revisions.

The “Revision price” tells you how much this revision will cost you. If you’ve purchased content from the catalog, you will need to agree on a revision price with the writer once you’ve purchased “Full rights” to the work.

The “Revision request” area is where you enter the details of what changes you would like your writer to make. Please be as specific as possible, so the writer can ensure the revised copy is exactly what you’re looking for.

The “Document” area lets you preview the content. You can make specific inline comments that your writer will see. Just click on the tag next to each line to open a text box and you can add comments.

When you submit the revision form, we’ll automatically notify the writer.



Writers accepting or rejecting requests

When you’ve sent the revision request to your writer, they will have the option to accept or reject it. We’ll notify you of their decision, and you can also check the “My revisions” page to see the current revision state.

If the writer rejects your request, you can send them a new revision request. You may also want to get in touch with them to clarify what you’re looking for.

If you’re paying for the revision, the writer can submit a counter offer to you, which you can accept or reject. We’ll let you know when a writer has accepted your request and when it’s been completed and returned to you.

We’ll notify you when a writer accepts or rejects your request.


Requesting revisions of catalog content

If you’ve purchased content from our online catalog, you can request revisions to that content. You will need to purchase a “Full rights” license and can then request a revision from the completed order page or the “Download my contentpage.

Revisions to catalog content are not included in the article price. You can work out a rate with the writer by sending them a revision request or by messaging them in advance.


The “Full rights – revised” license

If you have revisions for any of your content, you’ll notice that the license will be updated to “Full rights – revised.”  This license has the exact same conditions as the “Full rights” license, but is updated to show that you also own the full rights to the revisions.

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