Finding the perfect writer

With over 90,000 expert, prescreened writers on Constant Content, there’s always someone that can meet your content needs. It’s easy to find the perfect writer, this article will show you how.

Searching for a writer

The fastest and easiest way to find a writer on Constant Content is to use our “Writer search” tool. You’ll see that you can search in two different ways:

  • The “Subject matter search” lets you enter one or more keywords. The search tool will analyze our articles and show the writers that have written the most about that keyword and who are the most qualified
  • The “Writer name & bio search” lets you search for a specific writer by entering their name, or entering a specific keyword to look through their profiles



In the search results, you’ll see details of the writers best suited to your search. The list includes the writer’s name, photo, part of their bio, and details on the types of articles that they write.


Below each writer, you’ll also see three buttons:

  • Request custom content – Starts a custom content request with the selected writer
  • Contact this writer – Lets you send a direct message to the writer
  • Add to team – You can add the writer to a project or team that you’ve created; you can also add the writer to your “Favorites,” which is your default team



Advanced search

The “Advanced search” feature makes it easy to find writers that can meet your exact needs. Access this feature by going to the “Find a writer” page and select “Writer name & bio search”.

  1. Click on “Advanced search”
  2. Area of Study – Refine by a writer’s study areas
  3. Country – Select if you want a writer from a specific country
  4. Category – Find writers that create content on various topics
  5. Content Type – Filter by the type of content that you need
  6. Certification – Find experts that hold specific certifications

You can filter by none, some, or all of these criteria.


Writer profiles

Clicking on a writer’s name will let you view their full profile, biography, areas of expertise, qualifications, number of articles sold, and any articles that they are currently selling on Constant Content. You can contact a writer, add them to your team or request content from their profile page. If you really like a writer, subscribe to their RSS feed to get notified whenever they offer new content for sale.


Favorite writers, teams, and projects

If you use “My projects” to manage your content needs, you can easily add writers to your project team. Each project has a team assigned to it, and you can add writers as needed.

When you’re searching for writers, you’ll see the “Add to team” button. If you click this, you’ll be asked which team you want to add the writer to. You already have a default team called “Favorites” and can create additional teams by creating more projects. <Link to my projects article>

Adding writers to a team makes it easier to contact them, submit requests and track work. Sending your requests out to a team is a great way to request content from writers that you trust. Content requests will often be claimed and completed more quickly if you send them out to multiple team members.

When you add writers to your favorites list, you can find them on your favorite writers page and message them or request custom content.  Use this tool to see all writers you’re working with, sort teams and manage your teams by adding or removing writers en masse.

Casting Calls

A “Casting call” is a type of custom content request and makes it easy to recruit writers for your specific needs. Creating a casting call will message all qualified writers on Constant Content and invites them to apply to write the custom content for you. Once you have applications, you can review them and select the writer(s) you want to help with your content. You can then add them directly to projects and teams, message them, or issue a private request.

Remember to list any specific requirements when you’re sending out casting calls. That way, only interested, expert writers that can meet your needs will contact you.

Find out more about the custom request system here.

Writers you’ve purchased content from

If you buy articles from our catalog  or from public requests, you might be buying from writers you haven’t worked with before. If you like the content, add the writer to your favorites or one of your teams.

Most of our writers are happy to accept custom writing requests. When you’ve found a writer whose work you like, ordering custom content from them lets you get the same quality, expertise, and style as their catalog content, but tailored to your needs.

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