You may enjoy writing, but you likely aren’t submitting your articles to Constant Content just for fun. All writers want to make more money. Following these editor tips will help you to price your articles correctly, draw the attention of clients, and help you consistently make more money with your submissions to Constant Content.

Editor Tip #1: Proofread, proofread, proofread

The writers making the most money at Constant Content consistently submit high-quality, error-free work. They proofread their articles prior to submission. They use a grammar checker and spellchecker to help them catch typos and grammar and punctuation errors.

Why is this writing tip so important? Because well-written, error-free content goes straight up for sale. The editor doesn’t have to send your article back to make corrections. They don’t need to pore through your article looking for errors and either change them or ask for revision. Moreover, you don’t need to backtrack and revise an article already submitted.  

Error-free, clearly written content is content that is available for sale as soon as we review it. Incorporate rigorous proofreading practices into your schedule for freelance writing success.

Editor Tip #2: Price Your Articles Appropriately

You might be surprised that pricing would make it into this list of editor tips. After all, pricing doesn’t have anything to do with editing.

Unfortunately, as the first people to see articles that come through our platform, we also see many writers lowballing their pricing. At the same time, we see the high value of the work we review. As editors, we can’t change your pricing. All we can do is encourage you to sell your articles for a fair price!

At Constant Content, we recommend writers price their articles from 10 to 12 cents per word. Remember, Constant Content takes its 35% cut, so you should calculate how much you want to receive for your work after that 35% is deducted.

Clients who are looking for high-quality work are willing to pay for that work. So don’t undersell yourself. Price your articles appropriately using our recommendation as a starting point.

Editor Tip #3: Take a Fresh Angle

Too many times in the article review queue do we see the same types of articles on the same topics without any fresh insight.

Unique articles with a fresh angle on a popular topic have a greater potential to sell over articles that make the same common-knowledge points. It’s no surprise that clients want articles that will provide their readers with information they can’t find elsewhere. Such content puts their business ahead of the competition.

How can you bring a fresh perspective to your chosen topic? Can you include references to new research and studies? How about debunking outdated practices or industry myths? Can you create a one-of-a-kind list of benefits, tips, or suggestions?

Use this writing tip to brainstorm how you can create a new take on a popular topic.

Editor Tip #4: Take Your Time

An important writing tip we want to offer is: don’t rush your work. You can still be productive, create plenty of content, and make regular sales. In truth, you will demonstrate your professionalism as a writer by slowing down.

What do we mean by that? At Constant Content, you can greatly support the acceptance and sales of your article by:

a. Following our guidelines and submission instructions.

b. Take a look at the catalog to see what types of articles are selling. How can you emulate or improve on what other writers are doing?

c. Carefully crafting your short summary. Remember: the short summary is the first example of your writing a client sees, so make it count!

d. As above, thoroughly proofreading your work for swift article acceptance.

e. Allowing yourself time before submission to review your article carefully. Fresh eyes will help you catch errors and smooth out awkward passages. You may also remember to include information you missed when you first wrote the piece.

f.  Taking time to research your topic and properly reference sources. Doing so adds value and credibility to your article.

In short, don’t hurry through the writing, research, or submission process. Give each step the time needed to do it well. As you grow the number of articles you have on the site, this process will naturally become more efficient. Eventually, you will automatically know what you need to do to make your articles attractive to clients and get them accepted through our system.

Freelance writing success is within reach. Use these editor tips and writing tips to take your efforts to the next level and enjoy faster acceptance and more sales. Happy writing!

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Author Details: Kerry Kubilus is Constant Content’s enthusiastic head editor. Curious and inquisitive, she loves that her job involves helping writers’ work shine while simultaneously learning about a wide variety of topics. In her time off, she enjoys first-hand research about travel, culture, and food, preferably all at once.