During uncertain economic times, it’s not easy being a freelance writer. Regularly creating unique content when you’re not sure how quickly it will sell is a challenge. But one thing is for sure: businesses will always need content.

We want to reassure every writer that you can reap the rewards of freelance writing if you consistently create and submit quality content to the Constant Content catalog. Even if you don’t see immediate results, patience will payoff. In other words, consistency is key.

Why Submit Content Consistently?

First, it’s important to understand why submitting content consistently is so important. Here are the five main benefits:

1. Writing regularly is good practice and helps to build your writing self-confidence.

2. Creating content consistently improves your writing skills.

3. It draws attention to your name. If clients regularly see your name attached to articles, they’re more likely to regard you as a reliable writer.

4. The more articles you submit to the catalog, the more articles you’re likely to sell. According to our research, accepted articles on our platform have a statistical average of selling 70 percent of the time.

5. If you focus on a few niche topics, you’re more likely to show up in search results when clients search for specific content.

How to Submit Content Consistently

So how do you stay consistent with content submissions? Here are our seven tips for success:

1. Stay in Research Mode

Even when you’re writing, it’s a good idea to use research as an ongoing bank of information that you can draw from for future content. Create a separate word or spreadsheet document, and add any new content ideas that pop into your head while researching. Consider adding title ideas, main points of focus, and any URLs that provide information and stats to support your future content.

2. Identify Trends

The first place to check is the “Writing Ideas” section in your Constant Content dashboard. Here you’ll get a good idea of trending topics that are currently selling, so it’s a good time to create more content around these topics.

Next, scan social media to find hot trends within specific industries. For example, if you write about marketing, search hashtags like #digitalmarketing. Which topics are people talking about? These are the topics that are more likely to sell.

3. Create a Personal Content Calendar

With a clear plan, you’re more likely to be productive and stick to a content creation schedule. Block out time for when you know you have the least distractions and you can focus completely on researching and writing. Schedule a certain number of articles per week, but find a pace that you’re comfortable with; there’s no point in working so hard that you burn out.

4. Experiment with Article Lengths

Different industries and clients have different content needs, so there’s no “ideal” article length. However, longer content has grown in popularity. In a recent study of over a million Google search results, the average word count of content that appeared on the first page was 1,890. This is a clear signal that people and search engines value high-quality articles.

However, find a word count that you’re comfortable with. An article of 700 words may be enough if you cover a specific topic concisely and there are few other competing articles. The most successful writers experiment with different lengths. Keep a spreadsheet of your article submissions, detailing the length, price, and the time they took to sell. Then learn from the results.

5. Find Your Unique Voice

When you find your own writing voice, it becomes easier to create content consistently without the need for numerous revisions. Here are some tips:

  • Try writing exercises.
  • Imagine you’re speaking to your target audience. Be more conversational.
  • Study other articles by writers that you like. Look at the introduction, sentence lengths, and word choices. Tweak the style to make it your own.

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6. Develop a Consistent Routine

The most successful writers establish a consistent writing routine. By sticking to regular writing times, you can work more efficiently and find time for other activities. Get to know when you are most productive. Is it first thing in the morning or late at night? Whenever it is, set aside time to write!

7. Improve Your Productivity

To consistently submit content to the catalog, it’s important to work efficiently. This means finding ways to increase productivity. There’s a lot of information online about how to be a more productive writer, but one theme stand out: separate content creation from content editing. Trying to do both at once is likely to slow down your output. Write freely and get your ideas down. Leave it alone for a while. Then return to it and edit.

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Over to You

For any writer, submitting content consistently to our platform is a challenge, but the benefits are clear. If you want to become more recognized as a writer and ultimately make more sales, consistency is key. You could even make it onto one of our lists of top article writers, which will raise your profile even more.

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