If you are a freelance writer wanting to increase the long-term potential of your writing career, one of the savviest moves you can make is to become more organized. Freelance writers who track and organize their client writing projects are better able to manage their workload, leaving more time to acquire more writing clients.

Using a tool like Airtable to streamline your writing processes is a no-brainer for growth-focused freelance writers. Luckily for today’s busy freelancers, there are a variety of automation hacks you can use to maximize your productivity.

Whether you want to make document creation faster and easier or if you want to make client communication a breeze, doubling-down on Airtable is a smart step in the right direction. If you want to better manage your writing schedule, following are the five best Airtable hacks freelance writers should know about.

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Airtable + Google Calendar

Use this automation hack to instantly integrate Airtable into your Google Calendar. Manage your writing assignments, adjust your scheduling, and make it easier to spot empty dates in your calendar where you can take on new writing projects.

Step 1: Connect your Google Calendar to Airtable

Step 2: Create specific events within your Airtable-enabled Google Calendar

Step 3: Track your task management at a glance


Airtable + Google Docs + Zapier

If you thought integrating Airtable into your Google Calendar was magic, wait until you discover you can automate your Google Docs productivity with Airtable too.

This dynamic duo lets you do everything from instantly add new Google Docs into your Airtable task management schedule to create new Google Docs from HTML and text. Put your Google Doc productivity on steroids by adding Airtable to your modus operandi.

Step 1: Connect Airtable to Google Docs using Zapier

Step 2: Choose your trigger

Step 3: Pick your preferred action

Step 4: Watch your productivity soar!


Slack + Airtable

If you want to feel like you died and went to business management heaven, integrate Slack into your Airtable time. Slack allows you to communicate with clients and collaborators, while tracking your ongoing freelance writing activities with Airtable.

You’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done in a day when you combine the power of Slack with Airtable.

Step 1: Connect Slack to your Airtable task management schedule

Step 2: Send specific Airtable updates to your preferred Slack channel

Step 3: Create Airtable tasks from Slack conversations


Airtable + Instagram + Zapier

Thanks to Zapier shortcuts, Airtable users can now integrate instant Instagram marketing into their daily productivity efforts. Airtable also integrates with other social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter, making growing your freelance writing business a breeze.

If you plan to increase your client list via social media networking, adding Airtable and Zapier to your growth strategy is a must.

Step 1: Connect Instagram to your Airtable account via Zapier

Step 2: Choose your preferred social media marketing trigger

Step 3: Update your Instagram records like a pro


WordPress + Airtable + Zapier

A growing number of freelance writers upload the content they create to their clients’ WordPress websites. With over 25 Zapier + Airtable shortcuts available for WordPress, becoming a content marketing master is easy for savvy freelance writers.

Your clients will be impressed with your ability to maximize your output and will likely add you to their list of favorite freelance writers to hire.

Step 1: Connect WordPress to your Airtable account using a Zapier automation recipe

Step 2: Choose a WordPress trigger, e.g. new post, upload media, etc.

Step 3: Watch the magic happen as you become a WordPress wizard!

These are five of the best Airtable hacks for freelance writers. Dive into the possibilities of combining automated shortcuts from Airtable and Zapier to see which ones can help take your freelance writing career to the next level.