If It’s not uncommon for content creators to have too much to do and not enough time to do it.


Chances are you have a handful of content projects in various stages of completion; actually finishing them is the tough part.


What’s a writer to do? While there’s no way to magically add more hours to the day, a few simple strategies can help you boost your productivity and get those projects done.


Narrow Your Focus

When content creators have multiple projects on the go, it’s tempting to try and work on everything all at once.


Maybe there’s a couple of blog post that have been on your plate for too long and a white paper you’ve been meaning to write. The problem with juggling all of these half-finished projects is that when you try to focus on all of them at once, you only make a small amount of progress on each one. Have you ever had one of those days where it felt like you did an incredible amount of work, but you hardly got anything done? You probably just spread yourself too thin.


One of the easiest ways to start getting things done is to choose one content project, and see it through.


Choose your most pressing content project and focus all your attention and energy on it. You will feel more productive and will finally get that project done. Then it’s on to the next one.


Silence Your Inner Critic

Content projects have a way of bringing out our inner perfectionists. Even before the actual task of writing begins, it’s easy to get caught up in endless planning and research.


Once we sit down to write, we find ourselves proofreading and making edits after virtually every sentence. These habits can grind productivity to a near-complete halt.


The key to breaking through this mental barrier is to recognize the moments when perfectionism is getting in the way of productivity. At the start of a project, do enough research to create a solid outline, and then stop. You can do the rest of the research as you go. Give yourself permission to write a first draft without editing–it doesn’t have to be perfect. When you ditch your inner critic, you’ll find it easier to keep your momentum going throughout the content project.


Go Pomodoro

Can taking more breaks actually help you be more productive? Surprisingly, yes. Many writers find that they get through tasks more efficiently when using the Pomodoro technique.


The premise behind the technique is simple–you work in short, focused intervals, known as “Pomodoros”, separated by short breaks. A typical Pomodoro is about 25 minutes and a scheduled break is usually five minutes, with a 30-minute break every fourth Pomorodo. With practice, the Pomodoro technique can enhance your attention span and ability to concentrate, as your brain becomes accustomed to focusing for those short bursts of productivity. Meanwhile, the regularly scheduled breaks help you stay motivated and keep your creative juices from drying up.


The life of a content creator isn’t always easy– you need to create a steady stream of high-quality, compelling content. When you’re juggling a number of content projects, it can be challenging to keep them moving forward toward completion. Try these productivity-boosting strategies, and you’ll be knocking content projects off your to-do list in no time.