Browser extensions

Our previous browser extension post on some of the best extensions available to content marketers proved popular with our readers. So, we’ve decided to delve deeper into the range of browser extensions available to those involved in content creation.

To help you save time and maximize your content marketing productivity, here are six more browser extensions worth checking out.


Buffer messages screenshot

If you spend hours posting content on your social media channels, Buffer can help by streamlining the process. It allows you to post content to as many of your social channels as you like from a single dashboard. The great thing about Buffer is that you can set up a posting schedule, which means you just add content to your queue and it will automatically post content according to your when and where specifications. Buffer supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

Available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


Impactana status bar screenshot

Once Impactana is installed, you can see at-a-glance metrics for whatever page you’re viewing such as page views, social shares, links and comments. These can help you identify which content may work best for your audience. You can even share the content you’re viewing to your social media channels right from the browser.

Available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


RiteTag message screenshot

Do you regularly post content to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but can’t decide which hashtag to use to maximize its visibility? RiteTag reads your content and then suggests the best hashtags for your post. When you select a hashtag, RiteTag displays real-time analytics on it, including how many views the hashtag gets per hour. The extension also works with images and GIFs.

The extension allows you to post/schedule up to 100 posts for free.

Available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Check My Links

Check My Links screenshot

Content marketing isn’t just about posting the right content at the right time; it’s also about the user experience. Broken links will harm user engagement and damage your credibility, which makes this extension a valuable addition to any content marketer’s toolkit.

Check My Links analyzes the content of any web page and shows you the status of every link, highlighting the broken ones in red. As a result, you can fix any broken links before publishing the content online.

Available on Chrome.

Note Anywhere

Note Anywhere screenshot - yellow notes on blog page

If you do a lot of internet research and like to keep notes as you work, this ingenious extension could be just what you’re looking for. Note Anywhere allows you to leave a note anywhere on a web page using a drag-and-drop tool. When you come back to the same page later, the note will appear exactly where you left it. You can customize the color of your notes and leave multiple notes on any page. You can even close your browser and your notes will load automatically whenever you visit the same page again.

Available on Chrome.


Autopagerize screenshot - Google search results of puppies and kittens

Autopagerize is another handy time-saving tool, especially if you frequently use search engines a lot and get tired of clicking the next button to load the next page of results. As you scroll down through the search results, the extension automatically loads the next page of results right below it so they appear as one continuous list. It speeds up the whole process of searching, making it much easier to track down the specific information you’re after.

Available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Over to You

As a content marketer, you know that maximizing engagement by delivering timely, relevant content is key to remaining competitive. Hopefully, these six tools will help you achieve those goals more efficiently. However, there’s a lot more out there! Which tools do you use to help you in your day-to-day that we haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments section below.