Fact 1:

Product descriptions have a major impact on conversions.


“Describe results, not functions. A customer is more interested in what a product does for them than what the product does.”

Fact 2:

Optimized product descriptions are key to increasing ecommerce sales.


“Optimization isn’t difficult, it just takes a small investment of your time. And that investment will definitely be well rewarded.”

Fact 3:

Google doesn't like duplicate content. Reprinting product descriptions from manufacturers counts.

Search Engine Land

“Add unique content and let users tell their stories – happy customers will serve as your marketing helpers.”

Product pages are essentially very powerful landing pages.

As the final pages your customers’ view online before entering the cart, these landing pages need to be optimized to maximize conversions into the cart.

Compelling, consumer benefit focused product descriptions result in higher add-to-cart and conversion rates.

Sell solutions, not products, to create the most value for your customers.

This results in higher LTV, stronger loyalty, more positive sentiment and great word of mouth.

Great Landing Pages + Emotionally Engaging Content = Positive Emotional Connections


Every product – being unique – should have its own description highlighting how it will help your prospects achieve their purchase objective.

What Your Prospects Want

To feel valued and understood
To be able to implicitly trust the brand from whom they are purchasing.
To align themselves with the brand and other customers.

What You Need to Give Them

An emotionally connecting experience.
A compelling reason to believe that your offering is the answer for them.
A true story they can relate to.

We already help our ecommerce clients deliver this type of experiential content to their visitors and customers

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