The holidays are approaching fast, so holiday-themed content for the Constant Content Marketplace is in demand!

Freelance writing during the holidays can be profitable if you know what types of articles customers are looking for. No matter your niche, there’s bound to be a holiday-centric article you can write.

Need some help or inspiration?

Check out the following holiday-themed content ideas

These will help you brainstorm so you can create some high-quality holiday-themed content to sell this season.

1. Help Readers Find Gift Ideas for Colleagues, Friends, and Loved Ones

Everyone enjoys a good gift guide, so many retail clients will look for articles focused on holiday presents. Think of how many different types of gift recipients are represented during the holidays, then write your article about each unique group. For example, you can draft an article about gift ideas for your mother, sister, or a female friend and call it “Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life.” This concept will also work with “Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life,” so you can tailor it to dads, grandfathers, or brothers. A general article about great gift ideas for your spouse, children, or parents will always be a hit with readers.

Alternatively, create a listicle with unique gift ideas for your coworkers and your boss. Many struggle to find great holiday gifts for the people they work with, so this type of article is likely in high demand. You can also create content about how to find the perfect gifts for a gift exchange or “white elephant” party. Go deeper with your list and create content with great gift ideas for people in need, such as single mothers, the elderly, those who are unhoused, or a neighbor that may be having a difficult time this year.

2. Promote Inclusion with Well-Researched Cultural Holiday-Themed Articles

Christmas isn’t the only holiday celebrated during this time of year. Focus on other cultures and how they like to celebrate, too. You can write articles on the traditions of holidays such as Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday that runs from December 18 through December 26. Las Posadas, which runs from December 16 through December 24, is celebrated in countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, and Honduras and by many Hispanic people living in the United States. The winter solstice, or Yule, is a Pagan/Wiccan holiday celebrated on December 21. Based on African harvest festival traditions from regions in West and Southeast Africa, Kwanzaa is an African American celebration that takes place from December 26 through January 1. Inclusive content about the history of these holidays, each one’s background, and how different cultures celebrate them can make your articles stand out in the Constant Content Marketplace.

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3. Educate About Health and Wellness

The holiday season can be stressful for many people, so why not create some content that puts wellness into the spotlight? Content that speaks to wellness practices such as healthy eating, yoga, prioritizing sleep, and using essential oils is attractive to clients in the health and wellness spaces. Additionally, SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is common during the winter months, so think about writing informative articles about coping with the winter season with an eye toward healthcare or counselling clients who would be attracted to this content for their websites or social channels.

You can also focus on specific personality types, such as introverts. Write a piece that offers a comprehensive list of “How to Deal with Holiday Parties as an Introvert” or something similar.

Since the wellness and mental health niches are both popular, submit articles that pertain to these topics but with a well-researched, objective, holiday-themed spin.

4. Create Money-Saving Content

At this time of year, people tend to spend a lot of money. Write an article that helps consumers save their hard-earned cash during the holiday season. You can create a comprehensive list of tips to help people find the best deals on holiday gifts, food, or decorations. Create content that shows people how to host a fabulous holiday party without breaking the bank. Clients and their customers are always looking for ways to save, so offer people innovative ways to get more from their holidays for less money. Stuck on ways to begin? Try something simple like “Why You Don’t Have to Spend a Ton of Money on Holiday Gifts” or “Where to Find the Best Holiday Deals in 2022.”

5. Write About Holiday Cooking and Decorating

Are you a foodie? The holiday season is a perfect time to create unique food-related content, even if you aren’t. Come up with a thoughtful article about delicious holiday recipes that showcase traditional ingredients, or try writing about seasonal treats enjoyed in various cultures. People always look for creative cooking tips, especially during the holidays, whether about delectable desserts or classic casseroles. Write out a few fun recipes or discuss how people can make delicious food for an upcoming holiday party. You can draft an article that discusses traditional holiday dishes or come up with one that’s more avant-garde and creative. Whichever way you go, many clients are on the hunt for helpful food-related content they can add to their website or blog.

If you aren’t as well-versed in food writing, offer holiday-themed content that focuses on festive décor. Create a cool how-to article about how readers can make handmade decorations and give tips about decorating a home for a holiday party or meal. To attract home décor or crafting businesses, write focused articles on color selection, wreath-making, or tree decorating. The sky is the limit when it comes to seasonal décor, so get creative, and remember to have some fun with the content! Look up all the latest holiday trends in decorating for 2022, so you can capitalize on what’s new and popular now.

6. Include Our Furry Friends!

Who doesn’t love pets? Anything about our furry friends will attract potential clients to the Constant Content Marketplace. Write an article on how to keep your pet safe during big holiday parties or cover some of the best ways to find care for your pet when you’re out of town. You can also create a gift guide for pets. Think outside the box and come up with a unique, thoroughly researched article about custom recipes for a cat or dog that they can (safely!) enjoy during the holidays.

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7. Attract Travel and Tourism Clients and Write About Holiday Alternatives

To stand out in the Constant Content Marketplace, try writing holiday-themed content that focuses on alternative ways to celebrate—especially if it involves travel and tourism. Create a list of fun things people can do during the holidays that don’t rely on tradition, like heading to an exotic location for vacation or booking an adventurous excursion close to home. Keep potential clients in the travel and tourism vertical in mind when writing content encouraging people to branch out and explore different experiences.

Stand Out in the Constant Content Marketplace

Freelance writing for and during the holidays is a great time to expand your horizons while getting noticed in the Constant Content Marketplace. Whether you’re writing an inspiring gift guide, promoting the beauty of seasonal décor, or helping readers understand various wellness practices and resources, your ideas can attract clients who will purchase your content this season and throughout the upcoming year!


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