The power of your craft emerges when you write what you love.

We often adapt our personal brand and voice to what we believe others want. But sometimes we get lost along the way. Looking to reignite your writing passion so you can love what you write and write what you love? Rediscover your most authentic writing voice by taking the following steps:

Be clear about what most interests you.

When we’re knowledgeable about specific topics that sell, we can get complacent. We end up writing in the voice that we think others want to hear. While writing to market demand is a practical strategy, it’s worth getting back to what lights a fire in your belly and connecting it to how it informs your expertise.

Use your interests and background for new ideas.

Do you usually write about technology, for example, because you have a systems analyst or web developer background? Think about what drew you to that career in the first place. Do you love the complex science of it, the innovation and evolution, the endless possibilities? Brainstorm ways to write about what you love, and why you love it. For the sake of this exercise, put aside hard facts and information. Engage your heart and gut to see what emerges.

Do research with a beginner’s mind.

If you’re an expert on a topic, is there an adjacent topic you’re curious about and know little about? For example, if you’re a seasoned food writer, do you know about organic gardening, food-supply issues, or the ingredients used in different cultures? Pick an area you know little about and allow yourself to be an absolute novice. Challenge yourself to write one 600-word article on a topic brand-new to you. Don’t worry about whether or not anyone will like it, believe it, or buy it—create it and see what happens. You can tweak the article later to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Write what you love—for yourself first.

Think of yourself as the target audience—not someone like you or in your demographic, but you. Remember, your attention is valuable too, so how would you want someone to write to capture, explore, and engage your interest? Give yourself one hour to geek out. Dive into the pure joy of research and writing, and then craft something you’d be most interested in reading if someone else wrote it.

Take a break before you edit.

When you’ve written from a somewhat vulnerable space, it’s easy to be critical of your voice and words. When you’re satisfied that your first draft is complete, let it sit overnight, and tackle editing the next day. You may be surprised at how delighted you are with what you wrote. If you’re not delighted, don’t discard your work or give up—revise at least a couple more times until you feel the work is streamlined and polished enough to share with someone you trust. 

Ask someone you trust for feedback.

Writing as an activity and career is, of course, a solitary pursuit. Asking someone for feedback can offer you an objective view of your work, which will make you a better writer. Whether you share your work in an online writer forum, via social media, or through a professional connection, getting constructive feedback can help you gain confidence and generate more inspiration as you write more about what you love.

Release your content into the world.

Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve written—and after receiving constructive feedback and confirmation that the subject matter is of interest to an audience—submit your work to the Constant Content Marketplace. Your perspective on a topic that sparks your interest could very well lead you to a buyer or new client that seeks a writer with your exact energy and style and could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.