Product descriptions hook a customer in and help close the sale. With the cannabis industry rapidly shifting towards ecommerce, an increasingly important part of cannabis writing is learning how to write a high-converting cannabis product page. Quality cannabis descriptions offer valuable information to the reader. The goal is to help potential customers pick the right product from a wide array of possible choices.

Writers who know how to create cannabis product pages will find it easier to attract clients in this growing space. Check out our guide below to start expanding your cannabis writing skills.

3 Tips for Writing a High-Converting Cannabis Product Page

The key elements of a great product description include emotional connection, persuasive language, and clear communication of the benefits. When it comes to cannabis writing, a successful product page will also include some additional details and information. Here are three main tips for crafting cannabis product descriptions to keep in mind.

1. Make It Informative

Some products essentially sell themselves. If people know what they are looking for, all you really need is a title and a picture. However, this is generally not the case in the cannabis industry because of the sheer variety of available products. Customers can select from different flowers, oils, tinctures, concentrates, topical products, and more. The industry is also full of terms that a new customer might not understand. They will rely more heavily on the product description to make their decision about what to buy.

In addition to the type of product, customers are also looking to find out if it comes from a Sativa, Indica, or hybrid plant. Each plant strain can have different effects due to varying levels of more than 100 compounds—called cannabinoids—present in cannabis. The cannabinoid known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is largely responsible for the psychoactive properties of the cannabis plant. Customers will want to know how potent the product is and what kind of high they can expect from using it.

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2. Abide by the Rules

The cannabis industry in Canada is highly regulated and subject to many rules and restrictions set out by Health Canada. These rules also apply to promotional material about cannabis products, which includes product descriptions. When writing a cannabis product page, it is essential to keep the regulations in mind.

One of the most important cannabis writing rules is not to make any false or misleading statements. Stick to the facts and give customers the information about plant strain and THC levels they want to know but stay away from unsubstantiated claims about health effects or safety. Abiding by the rules and providing accurate information will allow customers to make the best decision. It will also help build customer trust and loyalty.

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3. Do Your SEO Research

SEO is among the most effective tools that cannabis businesses have for advertising their products and attracting new customers. The right key terms will drive organic search engine traffic from people who are looking up specific products. This is another reason why you should strive to make your cannabis product descriptions detailed and informative.

A bit of research will go a long way to finding the right SEO terms. Effective keywords and keyphrases are relevant and trending. Before finalizing a cannabis product page, do some quick google keyword research and check that your description is SEO-friendly.

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Expanding Your Writing Repertoire

Freelance writing offers the unique opportunity to learn about many different topics and industries. The more areas you are familiar with, the more clients you can potentially work with. Cannabis writing is a great space to focus on as it is only going to continue to grow. There will be increased demand for cannabis product page expertise in particular as more businesses shift to ecommerce.

At Constant Content, we want to help you succeed with all of your writing goals. For more information on how to branch out into different writing areas, have a look at our informative article: How to Identify Trending Topics and Do Industry Research During Any Given Time Period.


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