Here at Constant Content, we have the pleasure of working with hundreds of highly successful freelance writers who excel in multiple verticals. Usually, only the clients who work with these wonderful writers get to see just how good they are. Our new interview series aims to showcase and introduce some of Constant Content’s most successful freelance writers to a wider audience.

Today, we have the privilege of interviewing one of our long time writers who works in SEO, ecommerce, and marketing verticals. Her name is Eva Kurilova, and she has been working with us at Constant Content for many years now. We are delighted to introduce her to you.


Hi Eva, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We are all living through a strange and challenging time with the pandemic. How has your experience been as a writer throughout all of this?

Thank you for choosing to interview me! Yes, the pandemic has brought some unique challenges, but, thankfully, it didn’t disrupt my experience as a writer too much. In the beginning, I did have some clients that scaled back or chose to delay projects, but others actually increased their workload, and I picked up some new clients as well.

In fact, 2020 was my most successful year yet, and 2021 is shaping up to be even better. In the past six months, for example, I have made just shy of $20,000.

Interesting, so you’ve been very busy writing throughout all the challenges. What kind of projects have you been working on?

I always have a varied array of projects going on, and most recently, I have been working with brands to create content in the space of furniture, SEO marketing, lifestyle, outdoors, and home improvement. I’ve even had a chance to do some travel writing!

That’s a great segway to talk about what you specialize in. What made you specialize in marketing and SEO type of content?

I got into marketing and SEO-type content quite organically, learning as I went. As I got more clients, I began to receive SEO requests. Initially, I had to research what exactly it was and how to do it right. I found that I really enjoyed writing about these topics and helping clients improve their online presence, because it is something that almost every business needs nowadays.

This is an area where things change constantly. How do you keep up with the new trends and technology?

Research, research, research! And, because online marketing trends and technology do change so quickly, I always make sure to look at recent sources before writing. I find writers and speakers like Neil Patel, Gary Vee, and Seth Godin to be excellent sources of information.

Amazing! And, how long have you been writing for Constant Content?

I submitted my very first article in 2011 while I was in university. For the next couple of years, I worked on building up my profile and, after I graduated, I did writing and another part-time job. In 2016, I finally made the leap over to full-time writing and haven’t looked back!

So, you write hundreds of articles per month; how do you stay productive and focused enough to write such a large number of articles?

I have to be very careful and strict with my time management to guarantee that I can meet all of my deadlines and produce quality work.

Being a writer does provide flexibility, but I still plan several days or even weeks in advance so that I always know what is on my plate. The great part is that the flexibility allows me to take breaks when I need them so that I can come back refreshed and focused.

Would you be able to share your general process for writing your content?

During the planning process for a piece, I either find good sources or become very familiar with the client and their website—depending on the type of content I am working on. Then, I compile all of the information and create a detailed layout, complete with headings and an idea of how the information will be structured and presented.

I do such meticulous prep work so that, when it comes time to start typing, I can simply write with as little interruption as possible. This helps to keep the momentum going and allows me to focus solely on the quality of the writing.

After writing and proofreading, I run each piece through a text analyzer that highlights words and phrases. This is a good way to make sure I have hit any SEO goals, and it also helps me ensure that the writing isn’t too repetitive. Finally, I use text-to-speech to have the piece read back to me, which makes it easier to catch any lingering typos or other grammatical errors.

With Constant Content, do you write for both the catalogue and custom requests coming from clients?

I do have articles in my catalogue, but I haven’t submitted anything new for a while. My private clients keep me very busy! However, the catalogue was a great way to get my start and to catch the attention of some of my earliest Constant Content clients.

Thanks to my close relationship with the Constant Content accounts team, I am now a part of several long-standing writing projects for larger clients. The Constant Content team regularly inquires about my availability for new projects as well.

What’s the secret to your success at Constant Content?

My secret to success was simply choosing to make a commitment to Constant Content. When I first started looking into freelance writing, the conventional wisdom was to work with as many platforms as possible.

I decided I would rather make a strong impression on the platform that seemed most promising to me, which was Constant Content.

How has working with Constant Content served your other aspirations in your creative life?

Working with Constant Content gives me the time and flexibility for other pursuits that I am passionate about. For example, over the years, I have really started to enjoy photography. I consider myself very much an amateur, but I enjoy taking pictures of the many beautiful places I get to visit. I live in Calgary, Alberta, and I spend a lot of time in the Rocky Mountains. I also got a dog this past fall, and I can’t wait to take her hiking this summer.

Well, we are lucky to have you in our Constant Content writer family. Tell us, what advice do you have for other fellow writers who wish to work with Constant Content?

I would say that consistency is key to succeeding at Constant Content. Show that you can produce quality writing on a regular basis, and you may quickly find yourself on one of the many writing teams.

Make sure that you are open to feedback and don’t get discouraged if you have articles rejected during the editing process. Use it as a chance to learn and to improve your writing because, no matter how good you are, there is always room to grow.

Thank you so much, Eva. We wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing your work and success with Constant Content in the future as well. To all our readers, you can find Eva’s Constant Content profile here.

Interviewer: Rasanga Weerasinghe is a director here at Constant Content. When he is not busy working with clients and writers he finds time to write, and direct films of all genres.