Optimizing your affiliate marketing strategy will help generate leads and improve conversion rates. The only way to get a clear picture of which of your marketing ideas and components work well is to test them against one another. Testing different strategies is also a great way to make use of short-term downtime, as it can lead to increased conversions when things pick back up again.

One of the most productive places to focus on when optimizing is the performance of landing pages with unique marketing angles connected to your campaign. Here is an overview of how to craft and test different landing pages for the best results.

Anatomy of a Landing Page

A quality landing page is a determining factor in any affiliate program’s success. There are three main content components that make uplanders, and they need to be optimized to draw visitors in and persuade them to take action.

  • Headline – The headline is intended to catch the reader’s attention. It should make page visitors want to continue reading by appealing to their self-interest and presenting your core idea clearly and concisely.
  • Copy – The copy is the main body of text on a landing page. It needs to be compelling enough to keep the visitor reading and written in a way that effectively communicates your message. Readers should quickly grasp what you are offering and why it will benefit them.
  • Call to action (CTA) – Once the reader knows what you are offering and is convinced that it is right for them, the call to action lets them know what to do next. It may ask them to contact you, make a purchase, download a document, or sign up for an account, depending on the product or service you offer.

Creating Different Marketing Angles

The written content on a landing page should be crafted to tell a specific story. This is also known as the marketing angle. Deciding on an angle will help focus your headline, copy, and call to action. Your angle, in turn, will be informed by what it is that you are offering and who you are offering it to. The goal is to connect emotionally with your target audience and make them feel a certain way about the offer–a way that will ideally lead to conversions.

To come up with a productive angle, you will need to choose and research a target demographic. Consider who it is that you are marketing to based on factors like gender and age. Your content may look very different depending on the audience you are trying to appeal to. Endeavor to put yourself in the shoes of your target demographic and think about what current trends or world events could allow you to better connect with them.

Brainstorming different marketing angles gives you the opportunity to develop creative strategies that help you stand out from competitors. Highlighting your unique niche is always a useful marketing approach, and it is particularly important if you are in an oversaturated market.

How to Test Your Marketing Strategies

Once you have decided on some different angles and created content based on those angles, it is time to determine which ones perform best. You can test out marketing strategies with what is known as a split test or an A/B test. A split test is simply comparing two different versions (version A and version B) of a landing page to see which one leads to more conversions. Performing a split test makes it easy to try out two marketing angles and decide which one is a better fit for your offer.

The main steps involved in performing an A/B test are:

Split your incoming traffic evenly between two different versions of a landing page that you wish to test.

1. Continue running both pages until you have gathered enough data to draw meaningful conclusions.

2. Carefully document your results and use them to form a hypothesis about whether any additional changes may lead to more conversions.

3. Run additional tests, if necessary, to further optimize the landing page.

Testing different marketing angles using a split test will let you know what types of content your target audience responds to. With this knowledge, you will be able to create highly tailored campaigns that deliver results.

Quality Content for Effective Landing Page Testing

To run split tests that provide you with useful information, you will need quality landing pages that effectively target your different marketing angles. This is where Constant Content can help. Our team of experienced writers will create all of the landing pages you require for any testing strategy. We will provide you with unique and actionable content for your targeted audiences. Then, all you have to do is launch the campaign and see which strategies bring in the conversions you are looking for.