Is your content ready for the holiday season? In the weeks leading up to Christmas, an increasing number of consumers are searching online for Christmas gifts and ideas, so it’s the perfect time to power up your marketing efforts.

If you run an online business or ecommerce store and need some Christmas marketing tips, start with the following simple techniques to maximize sales for this holiday season.

Add Festive Design Elements to Your Content

On your website, add Christmas-themed visuals to get your audience into the Christmas spirit. Insert festive details such as Christmas banners and icons. You could even temporarily refresh your logo to look more Christmassy.

On social media, post photos of your Christmas decorations at work, and show employees getting into the Christmas spirit. Every day, send a special Christmas message to your audience. Posts don’t have to be promotional; positive messages that complement your brand’s philosophy are enough.

Optimize Your Website With Christmas-Related Keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is obviously crucial all year round, but at Christmas time it’s especially important to use SEO techniques to reach customers searching for Christmas gifts.

Make sure your content shows up in search engine results for Christmas-related searches by including the right keywords on your website. This will help to drive more organic traffic to your website. At this time of year, people are searching online for “Christmas gifts,” “gift ideas,” and using other related search terms.

You can also update product descriptions, landing page copy, and headings on key sales pages. Why not add a special Christmas deals page to your website to expand the Christmas content on your site?

Create Christmas-Themed Blog Content

Around Christmas, people are more likely to enjoy blog posts that show the more human side to your business. It’s the perfect opportunity to give your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your business.

Create blog posts that include relevant Christmas keywords, and consider writing a holiday gift guide to attract more traffic from search engines. You can even write multiple blog posts, each one focused around a specific product or target customer. Connect these related pages using internal links to boost your search rankings.

Plan Your Social Media Posts

Your social media platforms can have a significant impact on website traffic. They’re also key to building awareness around your company and products.

Think about what messages and promotions you want your audience to see, and create a content calendar detailing every post. This way, you’ll have a steady stream of content for your online audience to enjoy and share. To save time, use a social media scheduling tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite to automatically publish posts across your social networks.

As well as adding hashtags that your target audience are using, create brand-specific hashtags to promote your business and products – something catchy that people will want to share on social media.

Send Out a Christmas Email Newsletter

For many brands, a significant amount of their online sales are generated by email campaigns. Email is still one of the most effective tools for spreading your message and reaching your audience wherever they are.

In your Christmas email, tell readers about promotions on your website and link to these product pages. If possible, target previous customers, offering a discount, free shipping, or a free gift-wrapping service.

Give people a good reason to buy from you rather than your competitors. It could be that you only hold sales once or twice a year, or that you’re donating a portion of your holiday sales to a charitable or environmental organization.

Wrapping Up

The festive season is a great time to reach more customers and increase your sales, but it’s essential to have a strong digital marketing and content strategy in place to succeed.

Are you ready to take advantage of the Christmas holidays and the rise in online shopping? Use these suggestions to strengthen your online marketing strategy, build your brand’s online presence, and ultimately increase sales this Christmas.

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