Is Amazon SEO a part of your online marketing strategy? Today, any business that sells products and has an online presence can’t afford to ignore the consumer reach of Amazon. SEO for Google and Bing is still important, but the first destination for many buyers is actually Amazon’s search engine. Here, we’ll look at why Amazon SEO should be a part of your overall content strategy.

Benefit From Amazon’s Unique Search Engine

The difference between the search engines of Google and Amazon is what makes Amazon such a great platform for businesses. People searching on Amazon are typically ready-to-buy consumers, so there’s more scope to promote the benefits of your products within product description keywords. This is in contrast to Google, where you’re typically trying to build brand awareness and educate potential customers.

According to Amazon, 81 percent of clicks are for brands that show up on the first page of results, so the key to succeeding on Amazon is to improve the rankings of your product listings.

Amazon’s A9 algorithm ranks listings according to product relevance and sales performance, so your two main goals should be to create relevant product descriptions and maximize your Amazon sales rank. Learn more about what actions you need to take with these essential SEO strategies to increase your Amazon sales.

Rise Above the Competition with Amazon SEO

Competition is fierce on Amazon, with thousands of sellers promoting similar products across the platform. However, you can stand out if you know how to rise to the top of Amazon search results. With the right techniques, you can quickly improve conversions and Amazon rankings.

People shopping on Amazon are also short on time, so you can’t rely on people scrolling through pages of product listings to find your item. As competition increases year on year, the A9 algorithm has evolved to benefit best-selling and best-rated products that are shown to customers at the top of search results pages. Without the right Amazon SEO strategies in place, your listings are unlikely to get seen.

Reach a Ready-to-Buy Audience

Many consumers begin their search for products on Amazon, not Google. On Google and other search engines, searchers are generally looking for inspiration and information about products. People on Amazon know what they want and are ready to make a purchase. This makes it even more important to rank high on Amazon. The first few positions are seen by more potential customers and are more likely to lead to a sale.

With millions of daily visitors, Amazon gives you the unique opportunity to reach these bottom-of-the-funnel customers in an instant. Get your product descriptions right and you’ll reach new customers and enjoy repeat purchases from satisfied customers.

Boost Your Amazon Sales Rank

The Amazon sales rank, which is also referred to as the “Amazon bestseller ranking” is still misunderstood by many companies. In simple terms, it shows the relative popularity of a product in a specific category. For example, if your listing is ranked at number 10, nine products in the same category have higher sales.

While no-one knows exactly how the Amazon sales rank is calculated, many marketers agree that more recent purchases seem to score higher in results. Sales ranks are also calculated at different frequencies, depending on how high the sales rank is for an individual product.

The key to increasing your Amazon sales rank seems to be to consistently generate more sales than your competitors, which again comes down to using up-to-date Amazon SEO strategies. This involves performing keyword research and optimizing your product descriptions because the words and language you use can have a significant impact on your Amazon rankings.

The Bottom Line

The main takeaway is that if you want to maximize your sales and grow your business through Amazon, you need to take steps to increase your Amazon sales rank. This involves creating optimized Amazon content – especially product descriptions – to reach target customers and increase product sales. When you get it right, you can enjoy more traffic and a steadier income.

If you need help creating compelling and optimized product descriptions, Constant Content has thousands of freelance copywriters on standby to help your business and products rank higher on Amazon.