Content managers are the architects of your company’s content strategy. How you attain and maintain leads through content is in their hands. That’s why it is critical to understand and emulate these five qualities of the best content managers, to help your content strategy grow and thrive.


Content management requires a thorough understanding of content trends and marketing channels. A good content marketer will know how to deliver the right content at the right time to the appropriate platforms. They’ll also make sure content works in sync throughout the buyer’s journey to generate business.


The best content managers have a creative approach to content and are able to consistently generate fresh content ideas and strategies. They’ll understand the importance of interesting and unique content, the power of storytelling, and how to appeal to different customer personas.


They will understand why one piece of content performs better than another, drawing on their experience of consumer behavior, design best practices, and audience expectations. They’ll know how to use analytics data to explain content successes and failures and use these insights to enhance future content campaigns.


Being one of the last people to approve content before publication, a content manager has to make sure content is faultless. Grammar, tone of voice, design, navigation, and links all have to be correct. A good content manager will have a strong grasp of the details.


Getting the most out of a content team is important, too. You want someone who inspires your team by encouraging creativity and collaboration. The best content managers will lead by example and have the energy to improve team efficiency.

With these five qualities in mind, you can be on your way to creating and inspiring the best content to help build and maintain your content strategy.

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