Constant Content offers multiple ways to order content. Our collaborative and easy-to-use platform makes it easy to find the perfect writer for your project.

Public Request

We work with thousands of professional freelance writers. Public Requests let you send your content request to our entire pool of writers.

Private Request

Have a particular writer in mind? Private request let you send your writing projects to your favorite writers.

Project Request

Build a team of writers and send your content projects directly to them. This is ideal for companies needing lots of content, or agencies with multiple clients.

Public Request Types

Public Requests let you leverage our entire pool of talented content writers. Choose which request type:

Call for Articles

Invite a large pool of writers to submit an article to your project. Just specify the type, topic, keywords, and budget for your content project, and our writers will submit their relevant articles.

Best used by: Clients that prefer not to work with a single writer or writing team.

Casting Call

Have a big project that requires multiple writers? With a Casting Call, you can describe the content project and let our writers apply with their writing samples.

Best used by: Clients looking to build a team of writers.

Targeted Request

Looking for a writer with specific expertise? Targeted Requests send your writing projects to writers with a particular background. Send your request to writers based on their education, industry, or country.

Best used by: Clients looking for writers in a particular niche.

Expert Request

Some projects require expert insights. Creating an Expert Request allows a list of professionally certified writers to submit content to your request.

Best used by: Clients wanting content created by writers with professional certifications.

How to Create the Perfect Content Order

The details you provide our writers will have a significant impact on the quality of the final product. Here’s everything you need to know about creating the perfect custom content order.


Are you looking for a blog post, website copy, product descriptions, or some other type of written content?


Only want writers with specific experience writing content for your project? With a Targeted Request you can specify the content topic and limit which writers can submit articles to your request.


The request title is the first thing writers see, so make it short but descriptive. This could either be the title of the blog post, or a summary of the project (ex. “product descriptions for an ecommerce clothing store”.)


Having a detailed and accurate description is the best way you can improve the quality of content that writers submit. What is the purpose of the article? Who is the target audience? Where will it be published? All of these details will help writers craft the perfect piece of content. This is also where you’ll want to mention anything that should be avoided, such as controversial topics or competitors.


SEO is an important part of content marketing. When creating a content request, specify the keywords you want and our writers will incorporate them naturally into the content.


Strong content and copywriters can incorporate your brand style and tone into the content. But you need to describe your brand style and personality first. Many clients simply upload a brand and style guide to give writers everything they need.


How long should the content be? While Google is trending toward long-form content, you might want to keep product description short and sweet. Set your desired word count and out writers will tailor the content to that length.


Unsurprisingly, the budget has a massive impact on the quality of content you’re going to receive. When setting a budget, it’s important to consider the complexity of the topic, the length of the article, and the quality you’re after. Each of these will impact the price.

Project Size

How big is your content project? Are you looking for just one article, a couple of hundred product descriptions, or something in between?