If you’re like many marketers, you’ve been managing your content creation through spreadsheets, email chains, and shared documents.

My god, the shared docs…

Does this sound familiar:

  • multiple on-going Google Docs
  • a Trello board to track article progress
  • a spreadsheet outlining your publishing schedule
  • various email chains discussing content topics and ideas

I call this, “content chaos.”

Fortunately, you don’t have to work like this.

constant content chaos tools

If your content creation process involves bouncing between tools like the ones above. Then it’s time to consider using Constant Content.

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What is Content Chaos?

54% of B2B marketers and 50% of B2C marketers cite “producing engaging content” as a top challenge.

That’s because many of them are still relying on spreadsheets and a handful of other tools to manage their content creation. And while these tools may get the job done, using them can feel like chaos.

The cure to content chaos is a platform that simplifies content creation and reduces the number of tools you have to bounce between.

The benefits of having everything in one place:

  • Improve your workflow – Organization helps you work more efficiently. And less chaotically.
  • Fewer hack-jobs and workarounds – Being hampered with tedious and inefficient processes is boring, and they open the door for mistakes.
  • Improve communication – When you’re stuck in content chaos, collaboration can feel painful.

Enter, Constant Content.


This Article Is Just For You…

Over the years of working with thousands of clients, we’ve realized that getting the most out of our platform requires knowing how best to use it.

So, we put this article together to help you get up-and-running and enjoying the benefits of our collaborative platform as soon as possible.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • What is Constant Content?
  • Who is it for?
  • How to become a ConCon master in record time


What is Constant Content?

If this were a press release, this section would look something like this:

Constant Content is a content creation service that specializes in creating high-quality, unique content for businesses. Our easy-to-use, collaborative platform and managed enterprise services allow us to help businesses of any size to scale and improve their content creation. Constant Content connects you with thousands of professional writers able to create articles, ebooks, product descriptions and other assets to tell your brand story, drive SEO and win sales.

But in short, Constant Content helps companies simplify their content creation process and produce higher quality content.

It’s a platform that makes it easy for companies to find, hire, and manage freelance writers.


Who is Constant Content For?

Anyone who needs high-quality content


Marketing Teams

Marketing teams are busy these days, which makes it difficult to devote the time required to write high-quality content.

While you could hire an in-house writer to help, that’s a costly alternative.

Hiring freelance writers means you can continue to publish quality content – but your marketing team can focus on other things. Ie. Marketing the content.

“We have used Constant Content to enhance our site’s retail offerings, and have been very pleased with the results. The product copy provided was clear, concise and helpful to our customers, enabling them to better engage with our merchandise and make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, Constant Content was quickly able to adopt our brand voice and tone, and provide the right type of information in a timely manner. We enjoy a productive relationship with Constant Content.”

Robert Douthit

Sr. Digital Content Editor, The Home Depot



Agencies have a unique challenge when it comes to content creation. One agency could have clients across a dozen or more industries, so how do they keep up with the demand for content?

By working with freelance writers, agencies can find writers with industry expertise and quickly scale the size of their writers up and down as the clients’ demand for content evolves.


Small Businesses

Online businesses need content. Whether it’s blog posts, social media content, landing copy, product descriptions or otherwise, content fuels your marketing.

Constant Content makes it easy for small businesses to get the content needed to support their online presence without the cost or commitment of hiring an in-house writer or agency.

“Constant Content has been a great solution for our company’s large demand for custom content! They are able to work with our unpredictable schedule and provide high quality, custom content on demand. I love how I can communicate with the writers, hand pick my writing team, and manage my requests easily.”



Starting and growing a business is tough enough.

And while we’re all for the “founder first” mentality, sometimes you need a little help.

If you’re struggling to keep up with the demand for content while also running your business, hiring a freelance writer may be the way to go.


How to Become a Constant Content Master

#1 Know Your Goals

Before you can sink your teeth into the platform, you need to know your content goals.

That’s because your goals will impact how you approach content creation.

Let’s look at a couple of examples.


Goal 1: Thought Leadership

If your goal is to build thought leadership in a highly complex field, then you’ll want to hire a technical writer to produce something long-form and informative.


Goal 2: Drive Traffic to an Ecommerce Site

If your goal is to drive traffic to an ecommerce store, you might focus on lighter, more engaging content on topics related to your product.

Once you know what you’re looking for, the next steps become a lot easier.


#2 Check the Catalog

The easiest way to start finding great content with Constant Content is by browsing the catalog.

You can start by searching for a keyword or phrase and then narrowing it down based on price and word count.

At the time of writing this post, we currently have over 42,000 articles with their exclusive rights available for purchase.

While only a portion of those articles will be relevant to your business, the breadth and variety of articles in the catalog make it a great starting place.

constant content market


#3 Let Writers Come to You

You’re not always going to find the articles you’re looking for in the catalog. Especially if you have something really, really specific in mind.

In this case, the best option is to let writers come to you. And you do that with public requests.

Public requests are easy to set up and are one of the best ways I suggest people get started with Constant Content.

There are two main ways you can approach public requests: casting calls and calls for articles


Casting Calls

If you have a larger content project and are looking for one or more writers to work with on a more on-going basis, then you probably want to create a casting call.

Some info to include in your casting call:

  • The project details (Do you need blog posts or ebooks? How many? Is it an on-going or singular project?)
  • Content details (What that estimated word count?)
  • The target audience
  • Your budget
  • A brief description of the project and what you’re looking for


Call for Article

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an article on a specific topic and aren’t all that interested in building a team for on-going projects, a call for articles is your best option.

With a call for articles, you’re sending out a blast to our writers asking for them to submit the most relevant articles they have on a topic.

So, for example, a hardware business could do a call for articles requesting writers to submit their best articles on DIY home improvements. Or a travel blog could call for articles on a specific location.

One of the advantages of both casting calls and calls for articles is that there isn’t an obligation to buy anything. This means if the articles submitted aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, then you don’t have to purchase them.

Check out how easy it is to create a request for content…


#4 Reach Out to Our Top Writers in Your Niche

Last but not least, you can browse our top writers by category.

If you’re looking for writers that specialize in your industry, head over to the Find Writers page and filter our top writers by the category you’re looking for.

constant content top writers


From there you can scroll through the list of writer profiles and publishing stats and send messages directly to the ones that match your criteria.

Be sure to include your project details, budget, and timeline in the message so writers have enough information to know if your project will be a fit.


How to Use Constant Content to Grow Your Business

According to a recent study, content marketers say that find the time to produce top-notch content is one of their biggest challenges.

In a survey by Statista Research, 61% of respondents surveyed indicated they would be spending their marketing budgets on content creation in 2018. If you too are planning to double-down on content creation this year, Constant Content can help.

Customer acquisition and business development via top-quality content outreach are essential for sustained growth. Understanding the numerous ways Constant Content can benefit your company is imperative if you want to maximize the potential of the platform. If you want help building your brand in 2018, consider the following seven ways to use Constant Content this year.


Topic Clusters

After HubSpot launched topic clusters, website visits to their resource pages shot up by 107%. If you want to put the power of topic clusters to work for your brand, Constant Content can assist. Topic clusters allow you to cover a specific topic in great detail, instead of offering just a blog post or two on the subject. Brands wanting to rank well in search and attract more sales leads, need to give serious thought to incorporating topic clusters into their SEO strategy.


On-Demand Writing Teams

Constant Content makes it easy to create writing teams of on-demand writers. Discover writers with experience specific to your industry and build tight-knit groups of quality content creators able to craft content for your business on an as-needed basis. Whether you are a startup founder wanting to scale your company to improve traction or a small business owner wanting to attract online customers to your e-commerce site, Constant Content writing teams can help increase eyeballs on your company.


Writer Recruiting/Relationship Building

Writing teams aren’t your only option if you want to increase your content marketing output. Thanks to Constant Content’s ‘Find a Writer’ function, you can discover and develop business relationships with a specific writer. Find a subject matter expert with experience writing for your industry or search writer bios for keywords relevant to your target market, i.e. drones, SaaS, or artificial intelligence. When you find a content creator with a writing style matching your needs, request custom content from your favorite wordsmith whenever you need.


Guest Posts

Many Constant Content customers use the platform as part of their guest posting strategy. Whether you want to post a guest article about your small business on a high-traffic site like Business2Community or submit a guest post regarding your startup to a tech blog like TechCrunch or Mashable, Constant Content makes it easy to supercharge your guest posting activities. Request a custom guest post from a specific writer or open a casting call and have multiple writers apply to write for your company.


White Papers

White papers are exploding in popularity. Everyone from cryptocurrency startups to digital marketing agencies are using white papers to build their brand and increase their lead generation funnel. Constant Content makes it easy to hire white paper writers or discover pre-written white papers ready to attract new customers to your company.



E-books are another wonderful way to increase lead generation for your business. Just like with Constant Content’s white paper offerings, you have the option of requesting a custom e-book or purchasing a pre-written e-book for your brand. Purchase a full-rights e-book, and you can sell your new tome, offer it as a free download on your website, or share it with your email newsletter subscribers.


Product Descriptions

An increasing number of Constant Content clients are using the platform to connect with product description writers for their e-commerce ventures. Whether you need product profiles to improve your online business’ SEO or you want assistance preparing your e-commerce startup for launch, Constant Content can help connect you with experienced product description writers.


Your Sanity Awaits…

Constant Content has helped over 50,000 businesses improve their content creation and beat content chaos.

Learn more about how our content services can simplify your content marketing: