The stronger your content distribution strategy, the higher your brand’s content marketing ROI (return on investment) will be.

Content marketing can be a powerful business driver for increasing brand awareness and driving sales, but you must put as much effort into disseminating your content as you do into creating it. With HubSpot data showing interest in brand emails and social media interactions is waning, it is imperative brands upgrade their content distribution plans. This is where chatbot technology comes in. When brand chatbot interactions are maximized, companies can significantly increase the effectiveness of their content marketing.

To understand how to use chatbots in your content distribution strategy, read on to discover a few essential tips.

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1. Personalized Content Distribution

Chatbots can help you personalize your content distribution, allowing you to serve the appropriate content to your audience at the right time. This personalization not only helps you keep your audience engaged, it provides powerful data you can use to further improve your content distribution efforts.

Chatbots help brands increase their conversion and click-through rates. The more you fine-tune the personalization of your content serving, the higher your engagement rates will be. Understanding this is critical if you want to maximize your brand’s distribution strategy.

2. Give Your Bot a Personality

Align the personality of your chatbot(s) with your brand’s personality in an effort to further build connections with your target audience. If your brand’s content consumers enjoy interacting with your company’s bot, chances increase they’ll come back for more content.

3. Choose the Right Bot

Use a tool like to discover the wide variety of chatbot options for your brand. From Slack and WeChat bots to Twitter and Telegram bots, the options are many. Once you discover how many types of bots your brand can use, you realize just how significant the potential is for bot content distribution.

When you review the huge number of Facebook Messenger bot types at your disposal, you realize just how many opportunities there are to serve the content needs of your audience in this way.

4. Use Chatbots for Curation

As part of your company’s content distribution strategy, don’t forget to offer curated content via your chatbot interfaces. If you don’t have a large content creation team on staff or use a content creation agency, offering niche-specific curated content is likely part of your existing digital marketing outreach strategy. You can use your brand’s bots to serve curated content in the same manner you are offering original content creations from your company.

5. Give New Life to Old Content

Brands can also use chatbots to promote older content that might have fallen off the radar of their target audience. In the same way you can use a drip campaign in your email marketing efforts, you can use drip campaigns with your bots. Refresh interest in previous content your company has created by serving it to your audience via your brands chatbot interfaces. Can you say increased content marketing return on investment?

6. Automate Feedback

Brands should not overlook the feedback potential of chatbot technology. The more your bots ask for feedback from your audience, the more you’ll learn about their content consumption preferences. Make feedback requests a top priority for your chatbots and you’ll be impressed at how much data you can glean from your target audience about the types of content they want your brand to offer.

If you want to take your chatbot content distribution strategy to the next level, consider integrating IFTTT (If This Then That) automation into your brand’s bot outreach efforts. Combine your chatbot with additional interfaces to increase the effectiveness of your brand growth efforts.

Putting It Together

These are numerous ways companies can use chatbots in their content distribution strategy. Understanding the power of bots is only the first step. Once you double-down on bots and business blogging, you realize just how significant an impact chatbots can have on your company’s growth. Will you be using chatbots this year to grow your brand?

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