With advances in video technology and the falling cost of equipment, it’s no surprise that video marketing has grown rapidly in recent years. Plus, with people watching more videos today than ever before, there’s never been a better time for digital marketers to start producing video content.

Today, around 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos every week, and that number is growing. In fact, Cisco predicts that video will represent over 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019.

Video is a powerful way to not only communicate your brand image, but also explain your value proposition and build relationships with consumers. The benefits video marketing are hard to ignore:

  • It promotes brand recall: 80% of customers remember a video they’ve watched in the last month.
  • It increases engagement: one study reported that video is shared 1,200% more than links and text combined.
  • It drives sales: after watching a video, 64% of viewers are more likely to buy a product online.

It’s never been easier for brands to produce professional videos at a low cost. Thanks to a range of user-friendly and inexpensive tools, marketers don’t necessarily have to rely on the traditional filming and editing process anymore. Here are just 6 of the most effective tools available today to power up your video marketing campaigns.

1. Rocketium

Rocketium is a great tool for quickly creating short videos with text and voice overs. Simply choose from a pre-made or custom theme, then upload your images, video clips, text and voice overs to the editor.

One nice feature about this tool is that you can work collaboratively on a project, just like Google Docs – or work on a project offline, which updates when you reconnect.

2. ViewedIt

If you need screenshots for instructional videos or product demos, ViewedIt is one of the best screen recorder tools around. This tool lets you record your screen along with an in-picture video of yourself narrating the video. When you’ve finished recording, the video is ready to share via social media or email.

The special thing about ViewedIt is that when people watch your video, you get an email notification telling you who viewed it and how long they watched it for, giving you great metrics to base your future videos off of.

3. GoAnimate

GoAnimate is an easy-to-use drag and drop tool for creating professional-looking animations. It’s perfect if you need explainer videos or short ads for social media content.

The best part about this tool is its ease of use. You can select from a variety of templates, backgrounds, props and characters, and even assign dialogue to characters with an automatic lip-syncing feature. You can also import your own images, sound files and videos, allowing you to add company branding or corporate messaging to the animation.

4. Magisto

This automated video editing app is ideal for creating mini movies in just a few minutes. You can shoot video from within the app or select photos and videos from your camera roll. Then you simply choose a visual style, add music from Magisto’s library of licensed songs, select the length and title of your video. From there, Magisto’s video editing AI will do the rest, automatically applying the right filters and transitions based on your chosen theme.

Unlike many of its competitors, this can all be done on your mobile device, so you can create videos and shoot footage wherever you are.

5. Viewbix

If you want to add a bit more functionality to your videos, Viewbix is worth a look. The tool allows you to add links, insert your company logo and add CTA buttons to your videos.

It’s not as advanced as some interactive video creation tools, but it’s still a powerful tool to help drive conversions from your videos. It also has built-in analytics so you can track user engagement with your videos.

7. Sellamations

Doodle animations – where you can see the drawings being created as the video runs – are incredibly addictive to watch, making them ideal marketing content.

Sellamations creates custom, hand-drawn doodle animations to suit your specific project. The finished animations are perfect for expanding your content strategy, and often cost far less than traditional live video productions.

Are You Catering to Fans of Video?

As one of the fastest growing forms of marketing out there, video marketing is something all brands should consider using right now. Videos are usually more memorable, engaging and persuasive than other forms of content. They can also drive sales, increase engagement and build brand equity.

Thinking about using video marketing? Try out one of these video creation tools for your next piece of branded content.

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