People trust word-of-mouth recommendations, especially if they come from people they know or knowledgeable influencers. But the world of influencer marketing also comes with challenges. So, to make the most of your efforts, I’ve put together a list of the top five common mistakes brands make when looking for and working with influencers so that you can avoid the same potential pitfalls.


1. Choosing the Wrong Influencer


The influencer with the biggest reach might not actually be the right influencer for your brand and your marketing goals. Research potential candidates who are well known and would best talk to your target audience. You’ll probably already have an idea of who might work based on your experience in your industry, but do a little extra digging to find out more about their online reputation and if they’ve had partnerships with other brands. Make sure their style and tone aligns with your brand’s identity.


2. Being a Control Freak


You chose this influencer because you liked the content they were creating, so be open if they have suggestions. Once your influencer understands your brand’s identity and guidelines, take a step back and let them suggest how they might best add value. Ideally, a partnership is more likely to leave everyone happy in the end and garner good results.

3. Not Being Ready for Influencer Traffic


Be ready to make the most of any new traffic you get as a result of your campaign. Make sure your social accounts and website are up-to-date and ready to drive conversions whether you want more followers or more sales.4. Failing to Measure Your Results


If you’re struggling to figure out if your influencer campaign is helping or hurting, you’re not alone: 53% of marketers cite this as one of the biggest challenges of influencer marketing. Without tracking the direct effects of your campaign, it’s impossible to know if it’s been worth your time and resources. The first step is to identify what you want to achieve from your campaign at the onset to determine the appropriate metrics to track your success.

5. Expecting Instant Results


Influencer marketing isn’t a “one and done” type of project. It’s a process, and building a relationship with an influencer takes time. Play the long game with your influencer marketing efforts and you’ll be more likely to find success.

The Many Benefits of Working with Influencers


There’s no doubt that influencer marketing can be a hugely effective tactic for increasing the visibility and authority of your brand. But the learning curve can be steep. Understanding the common mistakes brands make with influencers can help you dodge these pitfalls yourself and help you see the benefits of this powerful strategy quickly..


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