When it comes to guest blogging, some experts swear by it as a proven strategy for driving traffic to your website and growing your audience. Others, however, believe it doesn’t deliver enough value to justify the time and effort.


But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that guest blogging is far from dead. In fact, it should be a mandatory strategy for anyone starting a new website or looking to scale up. Here are just a few of the benefits of guest blogging.


1. SEO Bump


Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to build a set of quality inbound links, which can greatly improve your search engine performance. Usually, you’ll get to include the URL of your website in your author bio and you can link to the guest post on your own blog.


Earning some good backlinks will also boost your domain authority. This tactic worked for Silvio Porcellana of mob.is.it – a tool used to produce mobile websites. He embarked on an ambitious guest-blogging mission in order to bring more traffic to his website. After 44 guest posts, he found that traffic to his site increased by 44 percent and his website’s domain authority rose by 5.


2. More Opportunities for Exposure


If you write for a popular blog in your niche, the exposure can be priceless. You can get further engagement by being active in the comments section of your post. Not only will you get a chance to build relationships with others in your industry, but a quality discussion in the comments will also drive traffic to your website.


3. Greater Authority and Credibility


Not only does guest blogging enhance your brand identity, it also helps to show off your expertise in your industry. If you can establish yourself, and by extension your company, as a leader in a certain area, readers will be more likely to look at you as a potential solution in the future.


4. Growing your Email List


Guest blogging is a powerful way to drive new visitors to your website. And since they’ve already had some experience with you through your post, they may be interested in receiving more content from you. This is a prime opportunity to get them to sign up for a recurring newsletter so you can keep engaging and keep your company top-of-mind.


Bryan Harris of Videofruit used this tactic to great success – within two days of his guest post on OkDork’s blog going live, his email list grew by 12%. Make sure that the sign up to your newsletter is easy and that you reiterate the value they can expect.


Profound Opportunities


Guest blogging used to be seen as nothing more than an exercise in link building. While the potential to develop a solid set of inbound links still exists, guest blogging has evolved into so much more. In today’s competitive digital marketing environment, a guest post acts as a brand-building tool that enhances your credibility and opens the door to new relationships.