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I love the 3 Rs - running, reading, and (w)riting.

Let me help you with the perfect article or press release. I have over 8 years of corporate writing experience in addition to a B.A. in English and Editing and an M.A. in Technical Communication.

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Preparing for Your Three-Hour Glucose Screening During Pregnancy

Failing the one-hour glucose test and having to submit to the three-hour test can be a daunting challenge for pregnant women. The fear of the unknown, the fear of a gestational diabetes diagnosis, and the fear of needles can all play into anxiety leading up to the test. But if you show up prepared and knowledgeable about what is going to happen, you can eliminate some of your fears.

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Managing Gestational Diabetes with Diet

Gestational diabetes can be a tough diagnosis for pregnant women, wondering if they did something to cause it. While the information and diagnosis can be overwhelming at first, it is important to keep a level head and realize that, in most cases, the disease can be easily controlled by diet modifications. The key to managing GD is diet moderation and modification.

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Anterior Placenta and Its Effects on Pregnancy

Hearing the term "anterior placenta" can cause distress in some pregnant women who begin to wonder if something is wrong with the pregnancy. Simply a term for the location of the placenta, an anterior placenta usually isn't a scary diagnosis. It simply means that some aspects of pregnancy, the ones a woman is most looking forward to, might take a little longer to come to realization.

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