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Beth Burgess is a mental health and wellness specialist. She works as a private therapist and a freelance writer and has authored two books on recovery from addiction. Her specialties lie in health, relationships, addiction, and social issues, but she has a background in B2C news and features journalism, allowing her to turn her hand to any topic. Beth has written for New Statesman, The Big Issue Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Fix, and various other media outlets.

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How to Use Food to Manage Your Mental Health

The article promotes the idea of eating, drinking, and targeted nutrition as a way to improve mental health symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts and behaviors. It suggests nutrients that can calm a stressed and traumatized neurological system in a way cognitive therapy can not. The article covers GABA, phosphatidyl-serine and choline, gut health for maximum nutrient absorption, and the benefits of hot foods, as well as mentions of specific foods. Six subheadings, including a conclusion, which states that diet should always be considered as part of treating mental health symptoms. | Read More →

Words: 969   Downloads: 0   Category: Nutrition   By: Beth Burgess

Which Couples Stay Together: What Science Says

An article which quotes several scientific studies to show whether you're likely to stay with your partner or not. Taking you all the way from the people you are most likely to approach for a date, to the driving factors that might tear you apart, to the finer details which might show whether you are right for each other. Written blog-style. Accessible and interesting science for young women. Just over 500 words. | Read More →

Words: 509   Downloads: 2   Category: Dating   By: Beth Burgess

What to Do if Your Boyfriend Becomes Abusive

An article on how to cope when a boyfriend becomes abusive. The article includes statistics on abusive relationships, tips on how to cope after abuse, and how to stay safe in future. It is written for young women who are college-aged. | Read More →

Words: 488   Downloads: 0   Category: Teens   By: Beth Burgess

Tips to Keep Your Cool at Christmas

A list of tips to keep your cool at Christmas. Written in a fun, lively tone, this is a useful list of practical ways to think and behave at Christmas so you don't feel stressed out. With an introduction to what causes holiday stress, and six sections with advice on how to deal with it. | Read More →

Words: 614   Downloads: 0   Category: Holidays   By: Beth Burgess

Qualities to Develop Before Dating

An article about the top qualities that women need to develop to help them both prepare for dating and be a better date. The article has an introduction, then four sections which each cover a trait that will help to become a more successful dater. The article is aimed at young women, and provides helpful pointers. | Read More →

Words: 417   Downloads: 0   Category: Dating   By: Beth Burgess

Five Funny Things People Do When They're in Love

A humorous look at the ways that people behave when they are in love. There are five sections which describe funny things that people do when they have been struck by cupid's arrow. This is an entertaining piece, suitable for most ages. | Read More →

Words: 749   Downloads: 3   Category: Humor   By: Beth Burgess

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