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Jayne is a lawyer-turned-copywriter and technical business writer based in the U.K. With more than 10 years of copy and inbound marketing experience, she's obsessed with empowering organisations with words that are insanely useful and effective. Her work has appeared on numerous business, financial and careers sites including Typefinder, Women in Business, Startwire, Wealth Soup and Indeed.com.

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Home Seller’s Guide to Escrow

The 30 to 60 days after signing the sale and purchase agreement is the most crucial period in your home sale transaction. Escrow -- as this period is known -- can make or break your deal. Here's everything you need to know about this complex process, and some tips to help escrow run as quickly and smoothly as possible. | Read More →

Words: 1153   Downloads: 1   Category: Real Estate   By: Jayne Thompson

Credit Privacy Numbers: Safe or Scam?

A credit privacy number lets you lock down your credit report so that no one can see it, or your Social Security number, without your express permission. The use of CPNs is also an emerging area of credit, identity and firearms licensing fraud. This article takes a look at credit privacy numbers and asks —is the extra privacy worth it? | Read More →

Words: 687   Downloads: 1   Category: Personal Finance   By: Jayne Thompson

First Time Homebuyer - Seven Traps to Avoid

Buying your fist home is stressful and far more complicated than it looks on paper. No matter how desperately you want to get into the property market, it pays to take a step back and do you research. Here are seven common mistakes that novice buyers make, and how you can avoid them for a more informed, relaxed buying experience. | Read More →

Words: 751   Downloads: 4   Category: Real Estate   By: Jayne Thompson

The Art of Blogging Faster - Five Quick Tips

Being short on time is not an excuse to avoid posting to your blog. Blogging success - however you measure it - is achieved only through consistency, persistence and effort, and none of those things happen unless you're hitting the publish button as often as possible. You can't create more hours in the day, but these five quick tips will train you to generate quality content in under ten minutes a day. | Read More →

Words: 547   Downloads: 6   Category: Business   By: Jayne Thompson

Top Five Tips for Buying a Rental Property

Buying a property as an investment is different from buying a home to live in. With rental homes, the desirability of the property is less important than its ability to make you money. For novice investors that wish to become landlords, here are top five tips for selecting the perfect investment property. | Read More →

Words: 634   Downloads: 3   Category: Real Estate   By: Jayne Thompson

The Science Behind the Six-Pack

As abdominal exercises go, sit ups are the least effective. Learn to make the most of your time in the gym with this "six-pack science" article. Aimed at new-to-exercise and moderately exercising men, this piece tells you how the abdominal muscles work, what you can do to burn off stubborn stomach fat and the exercises that really put the abdominals center stage. | Read More →

Words: 626   Downloads: 4   Category: Fitness   By: Jayne Thompson

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