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E. E. Kane is the combined pen name for a husband-wife writing team.

Emma is a full time reporter/photographer/columnist/graphic designer for her local newspaper. She loves photography, birdwatching, and has always been keen on conservation, frugality, and growing things (be it animal or vegetable) with a strong desire to educate. Her three children often inspire parenting articles, and a 100-year old home keeps the idea file full in the home improvement department.

Evan is the lead for a large school district over surveillance equipment. His hobbies have led to expertise in sports photography, and growing pecans on their ten acre hobby farm.

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Top Ten Wedding Errors

No wedding is completely perfect. In fact, most couples delight in telling their wedding-day blunders for years after the event. Some mistakes are harder to laugh about, and easy to prevent. This checklist will help the betrothed couple consider all angles of their decisions and make their wedding day enjoyable for all. | Read More →

Words: 773   Downloads: 2   Category: Weddings   By: eekane

Heat Tolerant Perennials for Hell Borders

The summer of 2011 was unusually warm for many parts of the U.S. and spurred many gardeners to reconsider not only the hardiness of landscaping but the heat and drought tolerance as well. Focusing on warmer microclimates within a homes´ landscaping, the suggestions in this article are for perennials that can take the heat: succulents, lavender, roses, ornamental grasses, and a variety of other tough perennials that only look tender. | Read More →

Words: 973   Downloads: 0   Category: Gardening   By: eekane

Harmful Habits That Sabotage a Marriage

If these bad habits are part of a relationship, they can lead to irreconcilable differences. These harmful actions and attitudes seem benign - they do not include the obvious transgressions, like infidelity, addiction, or abuse - but over years can take their toll until one of you wonders what happened. Don´t be the partner that never saw the breakup coming. | Read More →

Words: 785   Downloads: 1   Category: Relationships   By: eekane

Four Reasons to Plant in the Fall

If you have never considered fall a good time for planting trees, shrubs, perennials, or even vegetables, think again. You are missing out on a money-saving strategy that stretches your growing season. For some species, fall is the best time to plant. | Read More →

Words: 670   Downloads: 1   Category: Gardening   By: eekane

A Message to Parents of Moody Teens

Moody teens can deliver zingers that smart, and the parent is not exempted. This lighthearted but empathetic article offers four ways to cope with hurt feelings while making the relationship between parent and teen better. If the client prefers, "Message" in the title can be replaced with "Valentine," and any reference to parents can be replaced with mom/mother. | Read More →

Words: 738   Downloads: 3   Category: Teens   By: eekane

Gift Ideas for Exchange Parties

Holiday gift exchange parties can present the challenge of not knowing for whom you are buying. If the gift exchange is also a game, you also need to choose a gift sure to be sought after (and fought over) by many. This is a guide to the gifts anyone would appreciate. Some brands are mentioned. One paragraph is devoted to ideas for children and teens. | Read More →

Words: 729   Downloads: 0   Category: Gifts   By: eekane

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