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George deGeyter holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has been a professional freelance writer since 2007. With a deep interest in the world and a personal library of hundreds of books, he always finds an endless supply of ideas for the wide variety of subject areas that he covers in his articles. His repertoire includes technology, mobile phones, computers, careers, business, marketing, health, pets, parenting, personal finance, DIY, beauty, fashion, travel, relationships, weddings, gardening and many other subjects.

George enjoys working on private requests and loves the idea of always being there for a client, no matter how involved the need. George’s interests outside of writing include songwriting. He hopes to have a string of chart-toppers to his name one day.

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3 Ways That Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

Yoga isn’t just about flexibility and better breathing. It can be a part of an effective weight-loss plan as well. Studies show that yoga contributes to weight-loss goals in three important ways: lowering stress, getting you to eat more mindfully, and helping you build muscle. This article looks at how yoga can help you lose weight.

Words: 649   Downloads: 0   Category: Weight Loss   By: George deGeyter

Tips on Avoiding $250 in Bank Fees Each Year

The average checking account holder loses $250 a year to their bank in fees. You don’t have to lose all this money each year, however. This article looks at the different ways in which you can sidestep these fees and save money.

Words: 1048   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: George deGeyter

The Pros and Cons of a Bitcoin IRA for Your Retirement

Investors both young and old have begun using Bitcoin as a retirement investment. Many of them choose Bitcoin IRAs. Do these investments make sense? This article looks at the pros and cons.

Words: 668   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: George deGeyter

Ever Wonder Why a Weight-Loss Diet That Works for Someone Else Doesn’t Work for You?

A weight-loss diet that works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. For years, medical practitioners haven’t been able to adequately explain why this should be so. A recent study, however, uncovers why different people respond differently to the same kind of weight-loss diet.

Words: 495   Downloads: 0   Category: Weight Loss   By: George deGeyter

7 Mistakes to Avoid When You Pack While Moving House

A few simple mistakes can make an otherwise great moving experience quite stressful. You could neglect to be careful with furniture accessories, for example, or pack your lamps incorrectly. This article looks at six common but serious moving mistakes, and easy ways to avoid them.

Words: 848   Downloads: 0   Category: Home   By: George deGeyter

Want to Be a Better Dancer? These 5 Ideas Can Help

Being a good dancer can come with all kinds of social benefits. But how do you be a better dancer? There are ideas about dance you should keep in mind, and prepare your body with. This article has tips.

Words: 648   Downloads: 0   Category: Performing Arts   By: George deGeyter

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