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Samuel Maina, who is popularly known as The Literary Alchemist, has been brewing high-quality written content for websites, blogs, and other platforms since 2012.

He boasts an uncanny knack for crafting interesting pieces even on the most mundane of subjects.

If you are looking for engaging travel pieces; informative long-form articles; sizzling product descriptions; captivating blog posts; or any other high-quality written content, he's your man.

His work has appeared on the Huffington Post, Medium, Snapmunk, Overstock, Target, Staples Canada, Best Buy Canada, Bethpage,, Amazon, and elsewhere.

Currently residing in Kenya, Samuel has a Bachelor's of Arts degree in English Linguistics and Sociology from Egerton University.

He is a certified geek, who, when not working with clients, can be found updating his blog with delectable tidbits from the worlds of science and technology.

Ann, his beautiful and remarkably practical wife, keeps him centered, and considering the woefully inadequate nature of his culinary skills, alive as well.

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Checking Your Phone Less May Help You Live Longer

Smartphones, undoubtedly, have their benefits. They make it easier for people to keep in touch, watch news, catch up on their favorite TV shows, organize protests, swap cat videos, and much more. However, a growing body of evidence shows that interaction with smartphones can impair everything from your attention span to your creativity – and even shave years off your lifespan. | Read More →

Words: 703   Downloads: 0   Category: Lifestyles   By: The Literary Alchemist

Elegant Stainless Steel Taco Holders – Set of 2 or 4 - Dishwasher, Oven, and Grill Safe, Standing Type, 4 Waves, Hold Up to 3 Tacos, Comes with Handles, Eco-Friendly Packaging, 210 G, 8”x4”x2”

This is an Amazon product description for stainless steel taco holders. These durable holders are designed to take the hassle out of making and serving tacos. For easy cleaning, these holders are dishwasher friendly. | Read More →

Words: 324   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: The Literary Alchemist

Live a Full Life with These Five Eczema Management Tips

Eczema has a significant impact on quality of life. Sufferers struggle with depression, frequently avoid social engagements, and prefer careers that limit face-to-face interactions, according to various studies. Fortunately, with the right tools, it is possible to keep the disease in check and live a full life; this is the focus of this piece. | Read More →

Words: 1026   Downloads: 0   Category: Medical   By: The Literary Alchemist

This is Why You Need to Hire an Seo Consultant

Nearly 90 percent of consumers conduct pre-purchase research online, a testament to just how much influence the internet exerts on purchase decisions. However, most of these consumers limit their research to the first page of search engine results, making a high page rank extremely important. Consistently achieving a high rank is not easy, which is why hiring an SEO consultant may be one of the most important decisions business owners can make. Read on to find out more. | Read More →

Words: 626   Downloads: 0   Category: Business Dev.   By: The Literary Alchemist

10 Types of Emails Your Marijuana Business Should Be Sending

To get the maximum value from email marketing, marijuana entrepreneurs need to ensure they are sending the right types of emails. A thousand-word newsletter may not be the best choice for newly minted subscribers, for instance. This piece looks at different email types and explains their relevance and power. | Read More →

Words: 1079   Downloads: 0   Category: Business Dev.   By: The Literary Alchemist

15 Tips for Creating a Winning Email Marketing Campaign for Your Marijuana Business

The Jekyll-and-Hyde-esque dissonance between state and federal laws means the typical marketing channels used by most businesses are out-of-bounds for pot firms. Email marketing, thankfully, remains an exception. This article provides ganjapreneurs with tips for creating winning email marketing campaigns. | Read More →

Words: 1613   Downloads: 0   Category: Business Dev.   By: The Literary Alchemist

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