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I am a writer with over 7 years experience providing excellent quality content for a variety of clients. I have provided scientific article for some of the world's leading medical clients as well as commercial copy for a range of eCommerce and business websites.

I am able to craft well-written, meaningful, and on-brand content delivered within time and budget. I have enjoyed my time writing for Constant-Content, providing copy for many different companies and blogs and look forward to many more years of success on this platform.

If you are looking for a personable, professional writer with the ability to deliver well-crafted content for your site, hit me up.

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20 Classic Halloween Movies for a Bone Chilling Night in 

Halloween - that spookiest of holidays. If you're looking for a chilling night in, what better way is there than to load up your favorite Halloween movie and settle in with the popcorn? Whether you're on your own or you've got friends and family round, these 20 Halloween classics will set the right atmosphere.

Words: 990   Downloads: 0   Category: Holidays   By: R.J. Davey

5 Winter Sun Holiday Destinations for 2021 

With the long winter nights and cold weather drawing in, many of us long for the sun. There are plenty of destinations that can offer sun, beaches, and fun to suit any budget or desire, and much more besides. This article includes 5 of the best winter destinations for sun seekers.

Words: 595   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: R.J. Davey

7 Money Saving Tips for Students

Let's face it, students aren't exactly known for their money-saving skills. However, there are plenty of ways students can make their limited finances stretch with a bit of discipline and know-how. This article includes 7 of the best money saving tips that will benefit all students, no matter where they are studying.

Words: 765   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: R.J. Davey

5 Celebrity-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples  

It's that time of year when we all start thinking about our Halloween costumes. Forget the usual skeletons or vampires, and mix it up with hot 2021-themed couple costume ideas. This article includes 5 costume ideas and how to easily achieve them.

Words: 386   Downloads: 0   Category: Holidays   By: R.J. Davey

How to Make an Instagrammable Smoking Pumpkin for Halloween 

A smoking jack-o-lantern makes a great, instagrammable Halloween DIY project. The billowing, colorful smoke and spooky vibe makes it perfect for a high-quality set of images that will go viral on your social media. This article explains what you will need, how to make one, and how to get the perfect shot.

Words: 620   Downloads: 0   Category: Holidays   By: R.J. Davey

10 Fatal Mistakes New Business Owners Must Avoid 

Starting a new business takes a lot of hard work and a bit of luck. Whilst every new business owner makes mistakes, some can harm a new business venture more than others. This 876 word article focuses on 10 fatal mistakes new business owners must avoid if they want their business to grow and thrive.

Words: 876   Downloads: 0   Category: Business   By: R.J. Davey

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