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Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D. is a research psychologist and behavioral specialist, published author, public speaker, and entrepreneur. He has degrees in Theology, Biomechanics & Kinesiology, Psychology and Textual Criticism. He has over 20 years experience in the Health & Fitness Industry, and he currently trains individuals to achieve holistic balance and success in their lives through his company, The Visionetics Institute.

Dr. Wallace is the Dean of the Ministry of Health & Wellness at A Ray of Hope Theological Seminary, Bible College & International School of Divinity. He is also the founder of The Visionetics Institute, a dynamic and multifaceted organization that uses a creative and unique methodology to deliver a sound life-philosophy that addresses every aspect of life emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and practically.

He writes for numerous blogs on multitudinous subjects and is a diligent researcher.

Dr. Wallace also specializes in online marketing; anything that has to do with creating a web presence he has mastered. Through both of his companies, Myriad Business Solutions, and Odyssey Media Group International, he builds brands and broadens exposure for businesses, ministries, entertainers, and public figures.

He also specializes in SEO, Content writing and procurement, Reader Appeal, Keyword Density Analysis and more.

Rick has a passion for teaching and disseminating the truths that serve to inspire and empower the people within his periphery and expanded reach. He also has a passion for helping others become physically fit. Through Master Fitness 21, an extension of his The Visionetics Institute, Rick has launched The National Campaign Against Obesity. A campaign designed to educate and empower Americans to combat the devastating epidemic of obesity.

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7 Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

It has become imperative for all businesses to develop an online presence, which includes brand authority and brand awareness. Social media has become a primary source of engagement for businesses or all sizes. This article identifies seven key advantages of using social media marketing to strengthen and grow your company. | Read More →

Words: 1024   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: Rick Wallace

Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Business for Free Using Facebook

While Facebook has completely transitioned into a paid marketing format, there are still ways to effectively promote your business for free. Participating in groups and creating a fan page are just two ways that you can successfully promote your business without spending money. This article provides five key methods of free business promotion on Facebook. | Read More →

Words: 912   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: Rick Wallace

How to Start a Business with Minimal Capital

While capital is generally needed to start a business, it comes in many forms other than money. With an understanding of how to maximize capital that is readily available in other forms outside of money, an individual can find themselves in a position to launch their dream business with minimal currency on hand. This article explains how a person can start a business with little, and in some situations, no money. | Read More →

Words: 963   Downloads: 0   Category: Entrepreneurship   By: Rick Wallace

3 Essential Steps for Social Media Success

Social media marketing is rapidly becoming a core marketing model for businesses. With all of the noise surrounding the topic, it can be difficult for businesses to determine what works and what does not. This article provides three key steps to creating successful results with social media marketing. | Read More →

Words: 1080   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: Rick Wallace

The Benefits of Sms Marketing for Businesses

Businesses are constantly being driven to produce a more enjoyable customer experience. This demand drives the need to develop a consistent mode of customer engagement. SMS marketing is proving to be one of the most effective customer engagement tools for businesses. This article outlines how. | Read More →

Words: 984   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: Rick Wallace

4 Essentials for Building Your Brand with Social Media

There is growing potential for business opportunities online and in brick and mortar locations. The challenge for most businesses is not being able to build their brand awareness and brand authority. This article describes four essentials that will help new business owners and small business owners optimize social media as a branding platform. | Read More →

Words: 960   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: Rick Wallace

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