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Raechel Donahue is a radio personality on Boss Boss Radio & sister station Boss Country Radio, a published author of several books, and a documentary film producer. She has been honored by the Museum of Television and Radio (The Paley Center) and is featured in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She divides her time between Mexico and California. Donahue writes primarily about travel and food.

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Six Natural Ways to Ease Depression

Depression afflicts more than 16 million adults in America and most sufferers do not seek medical help. Whether for financial concerns, time constraints or simply a reluctance to undergo medical treatment, there are natural remedies and therapies that those with depression can easily employ. From sunshine and exercise to dark chocolate and a massage, there are simple ways to lift your spirits and perhaps dispel depression permanently. | Read More →

Words: 624   Downloads: 0   Category: Mental   By: Raechel Donahue

Ferry Travel Between France and England

As air travel becomes more stressful, many Europeans opt for ferry voyages. One of the most popular routes is the Channel crossing between France and England. Although the voyage takes longer, the security scrutiny is, although thorough, not nearly as punishing as with airline travel. Bring as much luggage as you can wrangle—if you bring your car you can pack it to the roof— and then enjoy a meal, a nap or a movie, or just hang out in the bar. Factoring in travel to the airport, waiting in line for security and another line to board the plane, travel by ferry may actually save time. | Read More →

Words: 565   Downloads: 0   Category: Europe   By: Raechel Donahue

Five Fun Foods for Finicky Preschoolers

It's lunchtime and your little preschooler has refused to eat anything but buttered noodles for two whole days. However, are you going to get some good nutrition into her diet? How are you going to persuade her to experiment with new foods? After all, soon they will be entering the world of school and it's not like you can pack a lunch of macaroni every day. Here are a few ideas for sneaking vegetables into fun foods and for finding ways for you and your youngster to create some culinary masterpieces together. Best of all, these are recipes for your peace of mind. | Read More →

Words: 706   Downloads: 0   Category: Children   By: Raechel Donahue

Five Key Habits to Maintain Weight Loss

Keeping the weight off is even harder than losing it in the first place, right? If 90% of dieter gain back all their weight, what are you to do? You may be beating yourself up for no reason. Develop these five fantastic habits and you'll be able to keep that junk out of your trunk for good. | Read More →

Words: 704   Downloads: 0   Category: Weight Loss   By: Raechel Donahue

Six Sneaky Secrets of the Columbo Series

"Just one more thing..." Any television fan would know those words could only come from the cigar-stained lips of Peter Falk's Lieutenant Columbo. One of the few mystery series to reveal the crime and the perp before the cops even get to the scene, "Columbo" aired for more than three decades, featured tons of famous guests stars and gave a leg-up to young directors like Steven Spielberg. Through it all, did you ever catch the detective's first name? Or his wife's name? Do you remember how he liked his chili? Read on, and find out! | Read More →

Words: 774   Downloads: 0   Category: Movies & TV   By: Raechel Donahue

The Pajama People: Five Benefits of Working in Your Pjs

It is a new workplace for those whom we might call The Pajama People. Whether they knit baby blankets, do tax returns or analyze business plans, entrepreneurial types are learning that there are great advantages to working from home. It can enrich family life, ease stress and even make your dog happier. Find out now the five reasons to work in your pajamas. | Read More →

Words: 629   Downloads: 0   Category: Entrepreneurship   By: Raechel Donahue

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