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Michael Warford is a Montreal-based writer with more than five years of professional writing experience. He is one of the top-selling authors on Constant Content, with a sales rate of over 99%. During his time here, he has written thousands of articles, covering topics as diverse as travel, law, history, marketing, career development, health, personal finance, and more.

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A Look at Drug Trafficking Penalties in Oklahoma

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Words: 684   Downloads: 0   Category: Law   By: M. C. Warford

Top 6 Most Mouthwatering Restaurants in Michigan

When it comes to places to eat, Michigan offers an enviably long list of mouthwatering options. From artisanal cheeses to Polish sausages to local pizza joints, Michigan eateries range from high-class restaurants to down-to-earth neighborhood eateries. This article looks at six of Michigan's very best restaurants, with each entry highlighting a unique culinary side to the Great Lakes State.

Words: 543   Downloads: 0   Category: Food & Dining   By: M. C. Warford

Top Four Amazing Historic Sites to See in Michigan

From 18th-century fur traders to the unmistakable sounds of Motown, Michigan has had one of the richest and most diverse histories of any state. Despite the profound influence Michigan has had on the culture and history of the country and indeed the world, its historic sites still largely remain hidden gems. This article looks at four of the most impressive historic sites to be found in the Wolverine State, sites that best encapsulate Michigan's unique but sometimes overlooked history.

Words: 515   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: M. C. Warford

How to Use the Rule of Seven in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The rule of seven is a basic marketing concept that says that in order to convert a potential customer into a paying customer he or she needs to be exposed to a business' marketing message at least seven times. In the past, this meant getting the same advertisement before a prospective customer's eyes and ears ideally seven times. In the age of social media, however, simply repeating the same message seven times over isn't going to win customers. This article shows how businesses developing their own SMM strategies can still utilize the rule of seven, but in such a way that the focus is on making seven engaging contacts with a potential customer in order to more effectively convert that potential customer into a paying customer.

Words: 963   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: M. C. Warford

Top 3 Ways to Prevent Heat Buckling Your Gutters

Heat buckling can damage your home's gutters, which can present a threat to your home's foundation. To prevent your gutters succumbing to heat buckling, it is important to invest in gutters that are made of the right material and installed properly. This article looks at three ways to prevent your gutters from getting damaged by the heat so that your home won't suffer from leaks and foundation damage.

Words: 476   Downloads: 0   Category: Home Improvement   By: M. C. Warford

Four Things You Need to Know About Harvesting Rainwater

A rain harvesting system enables homeowners to catch and collect rainwater and recycle it for everyday household uses, such as drinking, bathing, laundry, watering the garden, and so on. Harvesting rainwater is not only environmentally friendly, but it also helps homeowners cut down on their utility bills. This article looks at four important things people should know about rain harvesting systems if they are considering installing their own such system.

Words: 544   Downloads: 0   Category: Home Improvement   By: M. C. Warford

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