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Susan Dabney has a BA from Princeton University in English and Creative Writing. She studied under Joyce Carol Oates, Edmund Keeley, and Jerome Charyn. She travels extensively so she is often available to do travel articles. She speaks German, French, and Spanish, and taught AP French Literature on the high school level, so can write articles in French. She is a violinist, and has worked for many years with special needs adults in music therapy. She maintains a blog on sustainability, how-to, and homesteading topics such as game butchering, home canning, gardening and horticulture.

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PCR: the New Approach to UTI Infections

Anyone who has had a urinary tract infection knows that every hour that goes by is torture. A new generation of testing can now shave days off the time it takes to culture samples. These new tests can also rapidly pinpoint the specific strain affecting the patient so that the correct medication can be prescribed. This concise, easy to read article explains the what, who, and why of UTIs, and why these new tests are such a lifesaver. | Read More →

Words: 555   Downloads: 0   Category: Medical   By: Susan Dabney

5 Great Bug Sprays for Summer

Here comes summer, and with it a host of biting insects. There is a bewildering range of bug sprays out there, from reliable but toxic DEET-based sprays to pleasant-smelling essential oil-based natural products. You want to be comfortable and protected against insect-borne diseases, but if a spray affects bugs, is it safe for humans? Here are 5 bug sprays we have found effective for different applications. | Read More →

Words: 509   Downloads: 0   Category: Outdoors   By: Susan Dabney

What is Caffeine?

Coffee, tea, energy drinks, most people drink some form of caffeine every day. Since we love it, it must be bad for you, right? Not necessarily. This SEO-friendly article discusses the benefits and risks of caffeine, how much we should drink, and why. | Read More →

Words: 1068   Downloads: 0   Category: Health & Lifestyles   By: Susan Dabney

Authenticity: What We Can Learn from Our Dogs

Thousands of years ago, before humans and dogs teamed up, wild dogs survived in packs. Wolves that were highly social, loyal to the pack, and protective were more likely to survive. Today, we prize those traits in a dog, but also in each other. There's a lot we can learn from our dogs. | Read More →

Words: 595   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Susan Dabney

A Gift for Someone Who’s Hard to Buy For?

Do you have a gift problem? Someone who is really hard to buy for? You want your gift to say, "I know you; I care about you." What could be more unique, tasteful, and truly geared to the individual than a pencil or ink custom portrait? Artist Paula Hightower makes it easy, with affordable prices and personalized service. Her fun new option of a portrait with his or her favorite celebrity is getting rave reviews. What an unforgettable gift! | Read More →

Words: 431   Downloads: 0   Category: Visual Arts   By: Susan Dabney

How the Mind Works: Scientific Proof That Taking a Deep Breath Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Have you ever lost your temper and done something in the heat of the moment that you could kick yourself for? Why do intelligent people say and do the stupidest things? It´s called the Fight or Flight response, and there´s a scientific reason why it is faster than your higher intelligence. But you can train it! Read on. | Read More →

Words: 647   Downloads: 0   Category: Self Improvement   By: Susan Dabney

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