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Lee Masterson is a full-time freelance writer with 12 years experience as a professional writer and editor. She specializes in a diverse range of topics, including finance, debt, investing, business, entrepreneurship, health, nutrition, fitness, environmental issues, travel, and many more.

Lee's forte and personal favorite endeavor is writing about financial topics, but she is always happy to create highly researched, informative niche content on almost any topic you can mention.

Lee can write with equal proficiency in either US or UK English to suit your preferences.

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Do You Have to Steam Clean Your Landlord’s Carpets When You Move Out?

This 537-word article looks at whether a tenant is obligated to pay for professional steam cleaning services at the end of a tenancy. When many tenants move out of a rental property, landlord expect them to have the property professionally cleaned. However, there may be instances where a tenant can simply vacuum or shampoo the carpet and still get the security deposit back. | Read More →

Words: 544   Downloads: 0   Category: Home Improvement   By: LMasterson

How to Use Your Credit Card to Increase Your Retirement Savings

This 882-word article looks at ways to use a credit card to increase retirement savings. Taking advantage of the bank's interest-free days on a credit card account can be a great way to pay for the things you need right now. At the same time, your income could be earning interest throughout the month until it's time to withdraw it and pay off your credit card balance. | Read More →

Words: 882   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: LMasterson

Grow a Healthy Retirement Portfolio Without Spending Extra Cash

A large percentage of people will retire without enough money to live comfortably. Yet it's very possible to increase retirement savings without spending any extra money at all. The key is to leverage the power of compounding to your own advantage. Reinvesting any earnings from your savings or investments can help to grow a healthy retirement portfolio automatically. This article also contains tables and calculations to illustrate the examples used. | Read More →

Words: 707   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: LMasterson

7 Ways to Boost Retirement Savings on a Low Income

This 632-word article looks at 7 ways to increase your retirement savings if you earn a low income. Many of the retirement planning tips available may be ideal for those earning average wages. Yet those earning lower incomes need to consider some slightly different retirement strategies. | Read More →

Words: 632   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: LMasterson

Top 9 Tips for Forex Trading Success

This 959-word article looks at 9 tips for Forex trading success. Trading on the foreign currency exchange market can be challenging. Yet if you're willing to take the time to understand the Forex market and learn to develop a solid trading strategy, it's possible to make great profits. | Read More →

Words: 971   Downloads: 5   Category: Finance   By: LMasterson

Top 9 Tips for Leveling Up Fast in Farmville 2

This 942-word article looks at 9 easy ways to level up faster in the popular Facebook game, Farmville 2. Many players become frustrated at the slow pace in which they move through the levels. Yet there are lots of little things any player can do to reach the high levels quickly. | Read More →

Words: 955   Downloads: 2   Category: Games   By: LMasterson

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