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I've been honing and crafting my writing skills for over five years. I have a diverse background, which I believe contributes to my success in freelance writing. I write in a conversational, down-to-earth manner, explaining tough concepts to the average reader.

I offer your business an edge in creating valuable content. On top of my experience writing SEO content for websites, I was a pastor at a church in Southwestern Ontario. The role included all administrative tasks, and I thrived in the many roles I played in the nonprofit organization.

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What's the New Normal at the Dentist?

For those going to the dentist in 2021, there are going to be a few changes. New COVID-19 procedures are in effect, and this article will delve into those changes that are all across America, and specifically in place in Mechlenberg county and Charlotte, NC. Patients will need to follow signage, screening, and sanitation requirements which came into effect through the modified stay-at-home order (Executive Order no.181) introduced by Gov. Roy Cooper on Dec. 11th. | Read More →

Words: 621   Downloads: 0   Category: Dental   By: Dave Van Kooten

Press Release for Jerry Junkins Head Start

Head start bridges the gap between families and their communities, and nothing is more needed in our country now. By providing valuable resources on education, nutrition, and healthcare, Head start prepares young boys and girls for what comes ahead. Not only that, Head Start seeks to bring families into the discussion, allowing young moms and dads to get connected with doctors in their community. This holistic form of education seeks to set solid foundations for kids, families, and, ultimately, the communities of which they are apart. | Read More →

Words: 315   Downloads: 0   Category: Education   By: Dave Van Kooten

The Clean Air Act: Fifty Years of Helping America Breathe Easier

For the past fifty years, the Clean Air Act has protected the breathable air of American citizens. As a result of public outrage over environmental pollution, a bipartisan coalition in Congress unanimously pushed the bill through to president Nixon, who swiftly enacted it. Leon Billings was the architect of the ambitious act, and he championed environmental stewardship until his death in 2016. Out of the Clean Air Act came the EPA, a government agency committed to implement various regulations of the Act. | Read More →

Words: 735   Downloads: 0   Category: Environmental   By: Dave Van Kooten

The Top Five SUVs Coming in 2021

With new technological and performance innovations, the SUV market is versatile and can cater to anyone's needs and interests. The article below highlights five different SUVs, showcasing their best qualities and shedding light on when the manufacturer falls short of expectations. This provides the reader with an informed opinion of which type of SUV would best suit their needs—whether a luxury SUV or electric, a great family SUV or a perfect all-around SUV. | Read More →

Words: 697   Downloads: 0   Category: Automobiles   By: Dave Van Kooten

The Flight of Rudolph Hess

Although defections during war are commonplace, very few are perpetrated by top government officials. Rudolph Hess was Adolph Hitler's closest confidant, a loyal member of the Nazi Party who had been with Hitler since the beginning. And yet, on May 10th, 1941, Hess commandeered a fighter plane and flew it to Scotland. What makes it even more bizarre is why Hess left Nazi Germany at the height of its power: He wanted to arrange a peace treaty with Great Britain. | Read More →

Words: 1168   Downloads: 0   Category: History   By: Dave Van Kooten

Ten Things You May Not Know About Venus

Venus is the brightest object in the night sky next to our moon, and, because of its luminosity, the planet has been revered by both ancient and modern civilizations. Know as the bright Morningstar, Venus was worshipped as a deity in premodern times. Now, with the advance of new technology, many of the world's brightest minds look to Venus for exploration—and possibly one day for habitation. | Read More →

Words: 1623   Downloads: 0   Category: Environmental   By: Dave Van Kooten

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