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Kristen Sharp is a freelance writer, graphic designer, website designer/copywriter and advertising agency owner in Arizona. She has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism/Advertising with an emphasis in copywriting and has been writing professionally for over 10 years. She has a strong background working and writing in the areas of entertainment, automotive, real estate, and outdoor recreation.

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How to Get the Best Dish Network Deals

Not being up to date on your home entertainment equipment and services can be damaging to your reputation and your wallet. This 708-word article takes a humorous look at how to find the best Dish Network deals available. There are a lot of choices to make and doing some initial research can nab you the best satellite TV offers.

Words: 708   Downloads: 0   Category: Entertainment   By: Kristen Sharp

Corsages Throughout History – From Menacing to Merry

What people consider today to be a gift that brings happiness and a lovely touch of ceremony to proms and weddings, the corsage actually has a very sordid history. This 704-word article follows the progression of the corsage throughout history and what it represented during different centuries.

Words: 704   Downloads: 0   Category: History   By: Kristen Sharp

Beach Activities Plus Artistic Pursuits Equals Perfect Vacation in Lincoln City

Beach vacations can be relaxing for both mind and spirit. Why not take that a step further by visiting a beach destination rich with an artistic community. This 359-word article offers ideas for both outdoor and indoor activities while visiting Lincoln City, Oregon.

Words: 357   Downloads: 0   Category: United States   By: Kristen Sharp

Casual Southwest Sophistication in Scottsdale, Arizona

Escape everyday pressures with a relaxing vacation in the Southwest´s crown jewel of the desert, Scottsdale, Arizona. This 662-word article suggests possible activities and accommodations in Scottsdale that will make for a relaxing, luxurious, and memorable getaway.

Words: 662   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: Kristen Sharp

Laid Back Lake Havasu City Promises a Touch of British Charm

If you are looking for a unique, sun soaked vacation at a lake in the desert with a historic English landmark as a tourist destination, then Lake Havasu City, Arizona should be at the top of your list. This 607 word article describes the top things to do in Lake Havasu, a bit of history about the relocation of the London Bridge, and why you should go there for your next vacation.

Words: 607   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: Kristen Sharp

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