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Philip has over 20 years' experience of business management, including recruitment, training and development, performance coaching, and career mentoring.

This experience offers Philip a wealth of opportunities to share valuable business insight, which can help improve the SEO of your blog or website.

Philip is from the UK but currently works and lives in Australia. Contact the writer here if you would like to discuss your requirements.

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Hashtag Marketing: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Hashtag marketing remains a relatively new phenomenon, but an increasing number of campaigns now feature this handy symbol. A carefully considered hashtag campaign is a simple and effective way to develop your brand online, so it’s important to make sure you use this tool effectively. This article highlights seven common mistakes that brands make with hashtag marketing. | Read More →

Words: 615   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: Business Sense

Call Center Managers: Why Your Team Needs a Daily Briefing

Call center managers must make sure that their people answer customers’ calls as effectively as possible. When call demand is high, many managers will cancel all non-essential offline activities, but the daily team briefing is one activity that should always go ahead. This article explains to call center managers why they must always hold a daily briefing. | Read More →

Words: 459   Downloads: 0   Category: Management   By: Business Sense

Budget Management: How Corporate Travel Services Can Save Cash

All organizations want to avoid unnecessary costs, but a lot of business-related travel is vital to the future growth of your company. Many businesses now outsource all their business-travel requirements to specialist third-party suppliers. This article explains the different ways that corporate travel services can significantly cut costs. | Read More →

Words: 608   Downloads: 0   Category: Finance   By: Business Sense

Twitter Marketing: 13 Bad Behaviors That Will Make People Unfollow You

Many brands see great results from their Twitter marketing efforts. With millions of registered users, it’s difficult to make sure that your customers find and follow your brand, and many companies fail to see the results they expected. This article provides businesses with a simple checklist of common Twitter marketing mistakes, and explains the steps brands should take to make the most of this vibrant social network. | Read More →

Words: 1198   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: Business Sense

Mobile Phones: Should You Consider Switching to 4G?

Billions of mobile phone users go online every day, and network providers must continue to develop ways to help cope with increasing customer demand. Many providers now offer contracts on 4G networks, but a lot of people may not really understand what this means. This article answers five basic questions to help all consumers decide whether they are ready to switch to a 4G network. | Read More →

Words: 596   Downloads: 0   Category: Mobile Phones   By: Business Sense

Career Advice: 4 Reasons Why Your Boss Shouldn’t Think You Are Indispensable

If your manager says that he or she couldn’t cope without you, you may find that your career prospects are in trouble. A strong relationship with your manager is crucial, but if he or she relies on you too much, you may find it hard to progress. This article explains to career professionals why indispensability at work is rarely a good thing. | Read More →

Words: 508   Downloads: 0   Category: Careers   By: Business Sense

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