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I’m a practiced freelance writer and editor, with experience working for numerous clients and sites. I have authored numerous blog posts, research papers, critiques, psychology and psychiatry, technical scientific articles, product descriptions, press releases, health articles and more.

I frequently find new and intriguing angles for common subjects, so as to keep the audience entertained, and perhaps trick them into learning something new without realizing it.

I am eager to work with new clients and share my writing with the world.
- - -

Auburn University 2000-2006
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy; GPA: 3.46 Cum Laude
Minors in both Mass Communications (Film) & Physics

University of South Alabama 2008-2009
Studied five semesters of upper-level Psychology courses
- - -

Alabama Philosophical Society’s 2003 Undergraduate Essay Competition Winner for my Advanced Ethical Theories paper, “Normative Entities and Obligations.”
- - -
What I Offer my Clients:

- Experience -
As a creative and overly-imaginative child, I began my writing career by authoring poetry and prose. Over the years, my passion for writing continued to grow. During my college career as a Philosophy major, I was afforded many invaluable lessons from my professors, not only concerning writing, but also about life. They also provided me with the opportunity to write more papers than I can remember! The papers I authored as a Philosophy student, coupled with the guidance of my professors, have shaped me into the writer I am today.

- Passion and Dedication -
I love and live to write. I have a fascination with words and their usage, along with the study of linguistics as a whole. I believe my unwavering passion for writing, which has continued for almost 30 years, gives me an advantage over other authors.

I want to move people with my words; I don’t mean by writing controversial pieces of literature, but by composing simple sentences that sit in the reader’s heart until they need that wisdom the most.

- Satisfaction -
Based on the comments and client ratings I have received thus far, I have a history of pleasing clients with my “excellent” work. Should a client request that changes be made, I am always happy to do so; I will never give my client something that fails to meet his or her expectations, and I will work for as long as it takes to remedy the situation so that both my client and myself are happy.

- A Love for Research -
I especially enjoy learning and take pride in thoroughly researching material in order to provide readers with in-depth knowledge; however, despite the understanding I have of the topic, I present it to the audience in such a way that it is easily understood by all. In other words, I can write with clarity on even the most technical subjects, making them accessible to readers. Along with being able to do what I love as a writer, I have also been afforded great opportunities to learn and will always go the extra mile when it comes to my work.

- Creativity -
My creativity and passion for writing provides for my unique voice and style. I can use words adeptly to convey emotion or urgency, which is helpful when discussing sensitive subject or even while talking about topics that might require a call to action. I am able to write in a variety of styles, ranging from professional, technical articles to casual blog posts. I can easily employ whatever voice or tone, as wished by my client.

This ingenuity also blesses me with the ability for generating unique and original ideas or topics, which I will happily share with my clients.

- - -
I have experience writing articles, such as:

- Scientific articles
- Health articles
- In-depth medical articles
- Law articles and Legal blogs (for attorney's websites)
- Academic papers/texts
- Book reviews
- Home and Family oriented articles
- Financial articles, e.g., all about credit, debit cards, credit cards, loans, rewards cards, etc.
- Technical articles (e.g., complex scientific papers, highly technical manuals, writing highly technical information into an article that is easier for everyone to understand)
- Product descriptions and reviews
- Sales Copy
- Blog posts (both serious and humorous!)
- Specific content for niche websites
- Psychology articles and essays
- Technology (latest gadgets, “X Best Apps for (travelers/students/moms/etc),” phones)
- Computers (hardware and software)
- Video games, consoles, gaming news and reviews (with a female perspective, to boot!)
- Research articles
- Press Releases
- Esoteric subjects
- Articles/Papers in which your thesis must be supported by the evidence and successfully defended
- Fiction
- Poetry and Prose
… and more!

I also enjoy editing very much and am very good at it! I also love rewriting/correcting articles, as I'm always able to turn it into something that is well-written, totally unique and entertaining, while retaining the message or purpose of the original article.

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