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I have a bachelor's degree in natural sciences and a master's degree in physics. This educational background informs the articles I write on science, technology and health topics.

I am one of Constant Content's top writers on the topic of dental health, having written over 120 articles on this topic, including a series of blog posts for a dentist's website.

As a professional full-time freelance writer and editor, I am almost always available for private requests. I have experience of writing blog posts, SEO content, and product reviews. Please feel free to send me a message or private request.

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You Can Make a Change: Master’s in Health Administration

It is possible to be an insider in the quickly reforming healthcare industry. A master´s in health administration can lead onto an exciting career as a health administrator. This article discusses how to get a master´s in health administration while mentioning reforms in healthcare. | Read More →

Words: 507   Downloads: 0   Category: Education   By: Sarah Whiteoak

Getting to Work: By Car or by Public Transport?

Commuting in the UK can be a tedious process. We compare the various methods of getting to work to see whether we can find a way of making the morning commute a little more enjoyable. What is the best way of getting to work? UK English. | Read More →

Words: 439   Downloads: 0   Category: Europe   By: Sarah Whiteoak

Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Full or partial removal of the breast is often a necessary part of breast cancer treatment. Breast reconstructive surgery restores the breast´s shape and appearance. Many South African medical aid programs refuse to pay for breast reconstructive surgery. This article outlines the surgical procedure, the healing process, and the costs of breast reconstruction. South African spellings are used. | Read More →

Words: 579   Downloads: 0   Category: Womens Health   By: Sarah Whiteoak

Sightseeing in Oxford

Oxford is a popular tourist destination in the UK. There are many spectacular sights to see here, including the university buildings, the Ashmolean Museum, and the Oxford Castle. The author lives in Oxford and knows all of the attractions well. | Read More →

Words: 357   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: Sarah Whiteoak

Flawless Skin for Women of Color

Three simple tips for women of color to achieve flawless skin for their wedding. To get flawless skin on their big day, women of color should be careful in the sun, moisturize using cocoa butter, and flush toxins from their system. The article is written in US English and is targeted specifically at women of color who are preparing to get married. | Read More →

Words: 263   Downloads: 0   Category: Beauty   By: Sarah Whiteoak

Breast Cancer: How to Lower Your Risk

Women can reduce their risk of breast cancer by limiting how much they drink, not smoking, eating healthily, and managing their weight through diet and exercise. This article reports recent studies which show that drinking and smoking increase the risk of breast cancer. It also reports advice from the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) on how to eat to reduce the risk of cancer. It ends with a list of bullet points which clearly set out how women can lower their risk of breast cancer. | Read More →

Words: 462   Downloads: 2   Category: Womens Health   By: Sarah Whiteoak

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