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I have specialized in creative, article and technical writing over the past four years and have been a part of organizations related to such activity. In the past year, I was heavily involved in web content writing, producing a large number of articles under a short period of time. I am also a certified SEO specialist, which was applied to the previously aforementioned web content work.

I have trained in writing work of all kinds through out my scholastic and professional lives. This has made me an expert in many styles and I am capable of many tones of voice, allowing me to write many kinds of pieces, from formal to casual.

I can write and edit articles, both long and short, E-books, resumes and other technical writing endeavors. I can research almost anything that can be researched and I can use that knowledge to complete a wide variety of assignments and tasks.

I have worked for many companies and all of them have retained my services for extended periods due to the high quality of my work.

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