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Recent college graduate from top U.S. journalism school with 3+ years of sports journalism experience. Passionate and knowledgable about sports, social media, fantasy sports, sports media, traveling, TV, and video games.

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How to Write an Email to a Potential Future Employer

For sites that offer career advice for high school and college students as well as recent graduates, this article goes over the proper way to write an email to an industry professional or potential future employer. Making a good impression in such an email can help you land an interview, while writing an informal, unprofessional email can ruin your chances at progressing in the hiring process. Written by a recent college graduate who has received training from his college's career development center on how to write such emails, this piece lays out how to do so from the subject line all the way to the sign-off. | Read More →

Words: 649   Downloads: 0   Category: Careers   By: David S

5 of Spotify’s Awesome Personalized Playlists

For sites that cover music, technology, or apps, this article describes and perhaps introduces the different personalized playlists Spotify offers for every user. Written by a Spotify user of five years, this piece outlines the differences between the playlists, each of which provides a different personal touch to the app's user. Not only do they allow you to listen to and learn about music and genres you love, but you can reflect on your favorite tunes through them, too! | Read More →

Words: 645   Downloads: 0   Category: Technology   By: David S

6 Tips to Improve Your Writing

For sites that offer writing or career advice, this article covers six basic tips that all writers should follow in order to improve their grammar, punctuation, fluidity, and structure of their writing. Written by a sports journalist who began publishing his writing four years ago, these tips are useful for any writer, especially beginners looking to improve. They are pieces of advice that can be applied to one’s writing daily that will result in tangible improvements. | Read More →

Words: 790   Downloads: 0   Category: Writing   By: David S

How to See Rome in Less Than 2 Hours

For travel, vacation, and tourism sites, this article provides a unique lens on how to see the sites of Rome, Italy in just a few hours. Written by somebody who traveled this route by foot in their only day in Rome, it is a quick, easy journey to follow that allows tourists to see five of the most famous spots in the city in less than two hours. If you are in Rome for just a day or two, this is a perfect guide to follow. | Read More →

Words: 729   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: David S

6 Tips for Casual Pokemon GO Players

For sites that cover apps, video games, technology, this article provides useful tips and inspiration for Pokemon GO players. The app has regained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the addition of stay-at-home features and game modes, leading to a large surge of redownloads. This article is for casual players and those who may have just downloaded the app and are unsure of the new features or don't remember exactly how to play the game. | Read More →

Words: 932   Downloads: 0   Category: Technology   By: David S

4 Ways You Should Be Using LinkedIn

For sites that offer career and job-search advice or cover social media, this article delves into the different types of features LinkedIn offers and the best ways to utilize them. LinkedIn is an incredibly unique social media platform that anyone seeking a job or looking to expand their network should take advantage of. For those who don't have much experience on the platform, this article can help guide them on how to use it effectively. | Read More →

Words: 699   Downloads: 0   Category: Careers   By: David S

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